Bojack Horseman


Well I binged it this weekend and it’s great, hasn’t dropped off in quality and has the comedy and emotions



That fertility monitor :rofl::joy::rofl:


‘Skip Intro’ came up in the corner of the screen when I watched the first two episodes last night. Anyone who presses that button is a sick freak.

Also, I love those two episodes. I should maybe rewatch from the very start afterwards, because I remember kind of liking the first two seasons, but think it’s really come into its own with the most recent stuffe.


Have you not seen season 3? You should really watch season 3


Yeah, that’s where I felt it was coming into its own. They seemed to finally hit that golden balance between the humour and the melancholy (I’d sometimes felt with the first two – and this is the key reason I’d like to rewatch, I think, to see if I was right – that it was more FUNNY BIT, SAD BIT, FUNNY BIT than nuanced black humour, etc.)


Former world number 4, really good at doubles


I rewatched recently I felt it hit its started to hit it’s stride mid season 1, 2 was a step up and it’s maintained since (from what I’ve seen of 4 so far) the first handful of Season 1 aren’t that great


Thoughts and prayers.


I’m only 4 episodes in but I can’t seem to get into it like I had the past few seasons?
Not sure what’s not sitting well with me
Does it get more miserable? I think I like it when it gets super dark


bojack has moved to channel 4, maybe that’s an issue :wink:


Right, Thoughts and Prayers


Dropping by to confirm that this is the best thing on TV. Seeya!


Those last four episodes of the season were perfect. Gosh.


Yeah I just finished the season and those last few were ridiculously good. I might just go re-watch the whole damn thing again.


Just finished season 4.

the flashback episode about BoJack’s mother was brutal, but up there with one of the best ever alongside the acid trip episode and the underwater one. I want to watch it again but I’m gonna have to to give it a few months I think


Me Meow Pretty One Day just noticed that book in Princess Carolyn’s office. Nice. It’s probably been there for ages but there’s a lot going on!


The bit where Hollyhock asks Bojack if the thoughts telling her she’s fat and stupid are a dumb teenage thing that’ll go away forever was just too much, man


Liking the full version of Get Dat Fetus Kill That Fetus


Finally finished season 4

Princess Carolyn breaking down in the car :frowning: And what the hell is wrong with Diane, Mr Peanutbutter is a great guy