Bojack Horseman


Mr. Peanutbutter is a “nice guy” but fuck I find him exhausting just watching, imagine living with him


Just finished it there, and once again what a show. The development of Princess Carolyn and Beatrice were particularly spectacular, although so tough that at times it’s almost difficult to watch.

The middle arc of Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter’s capers I can take or leave but its usually a decent comic relief away from the main plot


Not bad, but the least enjoyable season so far imo


and obviously ridiculously mismatched couple how are they even still together at this point


just watched season 4 this week as my housemate had it on, but realised i never finished season 3 so got a pretty massive spoiler (Sarah Lynn). the perils of not having netflix/people watching things without you/forgetting to pirate things in a timely manner

this whole season was great and devastating though


hesitate to be a dick about an opinion, so fair play. each to their own.

personally i think s4 was about as good a season as ive ever seen of anything, animated or otherwise.


That was incredible
Princess Carolyn is the best

I really had to steel myself to continue after episode 9. Took roughly 24 hours. Jesus fucking crikey.
And how about that happy ending eh? I very much appreciated that.

What a show


“Happy” is a relative term with this show😉






Found EP11 the hardest to watch, absolutely phenomenal season. Hated that Todd subplot, but I don’t know of a show that tackles so many issues with such humour and aplomb


The end of that episode was the most crushing bit for me! Gosh.


Finished episode 9 last night. Stunningly written, hellishly moving. I very rarely get moved by TV, but this show is just immense for playing havoc with your emotions…


Yep. Absolutely ripped me to bits and pieces.


Me too! I really didn’t expect it even when she is explaining to Bojack about this imaginary process she goes through, I didn’t really get it straight away and then it was BAM… oh that is very sad!

hit me a bit like that ep of Better Call Saul when Jimmy mad the nanna the msot hated person at the nursing home


Also watched this last night. When the future bit started I thought it was a bit of a shit plot device… And then they go and turn it around and use it as an absolute gut punch like that. So smart to get you desperate and expecting that happy ending right up to the final moments, then “sorry guys, no happy endings in life”. What a show eh?


finished this yesterday

thought this season took a while to get going but the last few episodes were perfect.
sad as it was, really glad to see more focus on princess caroline, she’s ace

actually cried at the end

imagine being so repressed that you can’t enjoy something because someone’s drawn it


The underwater episode is one of the best things I think I’ve ever watched.


Well that’s destroyed me. Perfect end to this week really :frowning_face:


finally finished season 4. I’m really glad it ended with something nice and hopeful.

episode 11 was the most traumatic episode yet, so it needed that.