Bojack Horseman



September, saved u a click


OBVIOUSLY it’s the day that my week and a half holiday starts. Ffs!!!


Love this show, but not sure I can take the bleakness! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha, sorry, I should have put that really. I hate those clickbait headlines.


Ooooh yay!


i liked how you didn’t even include the actual date

(sep 14th, everyone)



I’m so excited, I’m probably going to re-watch the last series soon.


I’M SO NERVOUS. I’ve been rewatching the show for the last 2 weeks and I love seasons 2 and 3 so much but still really don’t care for the last season.

(for the 2nd year in a row they’ve released it the day before I go on holiday for a week :cry: )


i’m so annoyed at the timing of it too. i’m away on a work trip and i miss the first bills game of the season, the why? alopecia gig, and this coming out.



Just remembered Todd’s clown dentists from last season :grinning:





I’m way behind as for some reason I stopped watching it for over two years.

Watched the underwater one last week though and it was absolutely incredible.


Bojack’s attempted interactions with Kelsey in that episode make me feel a bit weepy for reasons I can’t really explain


They put it up at 8am this morning. Watched the first 2 episodes and enjoyed them very much. Shit gonna get dark





Feminism is bay


Episode 2: aww Diane :cry:


I actually hadn’t watched the last 5 mins until I got home… reeeeally struggled to not cry :frowning: