Bojack Horseman


Free Churro: wow.


“Erica! What are you doing here with a child-size coffin?!


Four episodes in, quality still astonishingly high.


I’m only two episodes in, gonna try and savor it rather than binge watch like I normally do.

Episode 2 was great, up there with the underwater episode and the Princess Carolyn episode from the last series Loved the Vietnamese version of the outro music! Also Diane getting a haircut; is that the first time that’s happened in a cartoon series?



Spotted a “Cockatoo Twins” poster in the background as well :smiley:

edit - full screen


She has the same carrot cushion that was in the last series.






My dad has been dragging his heels about watching this for too long. I think the Cockatoo Twins poster might be the thing to finally reel him in.


But their hair always changes back to their standard hair after those episodes.




Finished. It’s consistently brilliant. 12 episodes is never enough.


“As I jizz and breathe.”


The eulogy episode, fucking hell, cried my eyes out.




let’s post quotes that we feel

“I’m so glad you’re as excited as I am and not mad at me for trying to surprise you with something nice!”


Episode 6 was a masterpiece

Shows how far the show has come that one of the saddest episodes managed to be one of the funniest


This was my actual thought when I saw it

As well as applauding

(Also liked Quack DeMarco)


This thread makes me not want to watch it tbh. It’s gonna be emotional, eh?