Bojack Horseman

Nah, that’s right. He co-wrote it with his uncle, as part of an email co-write thing they had going on. There’s a really interesting episode of Song Exploder about it.

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Fuckin finallyyy

Been rewatching for like the 7th time with my housemate. Princess Carolyn/Mr Peanutbutter are such brilliant characters


I find myself singing the Mr Peanutbutter theme all the time. “Who’s that dog?”

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oh hooray!

Also yer man Waksburg has a new show on Amazon Prime (conveniently added during the six weeks I got free from my phone contract, which oh shit I just realised I haven’t paid this month fuck hang on)

Additional note: I like how I’ve just realised that that outburst appropriately kind of feels like a reference to the ongoing sign joke in Bojack. Wow, I really am a fantastic person

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actually no it doesn’t

i’m human fucking garbage

edit: no I’m not, turns out I was actually so prompt with paying my phone bill this month that I’d actually forgotten I had done it after all

I’m obsessed with him, particularly when he goes really cheerfully nihilistic. He’s fantastic (and has such a perfect voice for the character too)

Love Princess Carolyn :heart::heart:

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Are you going to binge it all at once like a man, or watch it one episode at a time like some kind of democrat?


OFFICIAL. but also - final season, to be put up in 2 parts (25th Oct and 31st Jan)

All good things come to an end, but I’m really cut up about it :sob:


Ah that sucks. Good of them to leave it on a high though (assuming this season is as good as the rest).

Don’t worry, if it’s as good as the rest a Todd spinoff will be commissioned and that’ll be really shit.

Even if it’s as good as the other seasons, it will still be one of my favourite shows of all time.

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Probably for the best right? They’ve set an incredibly high bar and if they can knock the finale out of the park it’ll be an all time great. Hate US TV shows long outstaying their welcome and damaging their legacy because the money is still coming in.


Yeah, and the previous season seemed to suggest the show was reaching the end, I think they know there’s only so many times we can see Bojack fuck up before it would start to get annoying. Good time to call it a day

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Oh aye I think it’s a good thing objectively, but subjectively I rewatch every time I go into a downturn and from that perspective it’s unimaginably sad to be looking at a finite pool of episodes


Sad but I agree with this. They stick the landing and it’s one of the best ever.

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I’ll accept a Henry Fondle spin-off and nothing less


Final season eh? Might have to do a full re-watch in the interim then…


Bit worried that they will go full bleak and I won’t be able to take it :grimacing:

I can’t see it happening, the show’s always been a dramedy not a tragedy and I thinking the ending will be at least hopeful