Bojack Horseman

Nah, that’s right. He co-wrote it with his uncle, as part of an email co-write thing they had going on. There’s a really interesting episode of Song Exploder about it.

Fuckin finallyyy

Been rewatching for like the 7th time with my housemate. Princess Carolyn/Mr Peanutbutter are such brilliant characters


I find myself singing the Mr Peanutbutter theme all the time. “Who’s that dog?”

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oh hooray!

Also yer man Waksburg has a new show on Amazon Prime (conveniently added during the six weeks I got free from my phone contract, which oh shit I just realised I haven’t paid this month fuck hang on)

Additional note: I like how I’ve just realised that that outburst appropriately kind of feels like a reference to the ongoing sign joke in Bojack. Wow, I really am a fantastic person

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actually no it doesn’t

i’m human fucking garbage

edit: no I’m not, turns out I was actually so prompt with paying my phone bill this month that I’d actually forgotten I had done it after all

I’m obsessed with him, particularly when he goes really cheerfully nihilistic. He’s fantastic (and has such a perfect voice for the character too)

Love Princess Carolyn :heart::heart:

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Are you going to binge it all at once like a man, or watch it one episode at a time like some kind of democrat?