Bollywood Bangers

A thread in which to post some cool tunes from Bollywood, of which there are many. Videos very much encouraged.

First, to kick us off, he’s some, chase-movie style brilliance from the Don soundtrack, of which Dan the Automator is a fan:

I love the mix of flamenco guitar and romantic strings on this.

And finally a bit of disco cheese heartbreak, as covered by MIA:

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I know fuck all on this topic, but I do like this


A pretty kick-ass ode to paan (also from Don)

this guy’s voice is really enjoyable

I have nothing to add, other than this is a highly underrated genre. Especially for my 3 year old son who loves to dance.

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Oh that’s lovely! Are there any particular songs he likes to dance to?

Haven’t fully explored this. His number one love is Gagnam Style. He completely loses his shit for that one.

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If you can get past the vinyl crackle, the quiet dignity and restraint of this is really heartbreaking.