Do you reckon we’ve ever had a thread on boli/boluses?

What a load of bolus

I don’t chew enough I reckon. Not much of a bolus bonus going on in my gob.

They’re an integral part of the plot of Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves, which has been discussed in several places in the book wankers thread.

By which I mean no.

Apologies to Basile, I forgot your e.

Ruined his weekend

if there is, you definitely made it

Might read that at some stage. Particularly now I know the bolus focus.

Actually I grew tired of Cryptonomicon so I may not bother. And I only read that thinking it was Neuromancer (penoid) by mistake!

It was definitely in my top 3 bolus-centric novels that I read this year.

This will probably be an ok thread but I don’t think it’ll really bolus over

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Cud thread, would chew again. 10/10

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Is this like POTUS?



it is not



I assumed this thread would be about the bolas.

How wrong I was.

Turns out I was misreading it.

Here’s David Morningstar throwing them. david morningstar throwing a bolas - YouTube

Essential viewing.

I assumed this thread would be about treating carbohydrate intake with insulin.

How wrong I was…

Peristalsis > Perry Farrell > Perry Como > Blue

Robin Hood’s bolus downfall