Bombings in Sweden and Denmark

Hadn’t seen a thread on this but apologies if I missed it. Read this and was quite alarmed it was the first I’d heard of it;

Would be interested in reading more (from the right sources) if anyone has stuff on why its happening.

(the bombings are in Denmark, might want to change thread title)

Its a continuation from this story;

However I wanted to get better sources than the BBC

(I can change it to Sweden and Denmark though)

Ah sorry, just skimmed the grdian story and only saw about the ones in Copenhagen.

It’s thought to be generally street gangs who have become more violent in recent years - and it’s often empty buildings (to ‘send a message’ and damage property/cars rather than injure people).

Unfortunately it’s something that is hugely jumped on by the far right, not just in Sweden but in Europe/US, to bash immigrants and show that the ‘great socialist experiment’ or whatever they view Sweden to be is a failure.


Sweden’s (surprisingly) harsh drug laws probably don’t help the situation.

Yeah I was trying to find stuff on why they had become more violent and why it was increasing so much. I can’t seem to find much coverage from non-rag sources, so was hoping someone might have some.

The Local is often a reasonable entry point to this sort of thing:

Thanks. This doesn’t really comment on why the attacks are increasing at such a rate and where the attacks are coming from (other than vaguely mentioning that it’s due to “gang activity”). I was hoping for more on that.

It’s a bit of a political hot potato so there’s a lot of he said/she said

But at the heart of it is something very few people are willing to address - that Sweden’s zero tolerance ‘War on drugs’ is a total failure on many levels

One of those levels is that the possession of firearms or explosives will get you a lesser sentence than the possession of drugs, so if you’re selling drugs anyway there’s absolutely no disincentive to tooling up to paramilitary grade operations

Other whispers are that there are a lot of police on the make in the South of Sweden so it’s something of a New York 60/70s gang/police mix up

I dunno about the validity of that rumour but there’s plenty of weird stuff happening

Of course, the right/far right narrative is ‘immigrunts’ when clearly the customers are, in large part, wealthy middle & upper class white kids

Thanks for this. So the zero tolerance drug laws are something that’s been brought in over the last few years and that in turn is causing the increase in bombings?

It seems unusually difficult to find articles on this from anything other than the gutter press on anything other than a brief glance over without detail. It feels like it should be a bigger story than it is.

Not at all, there’s a long history of failed policing around this area - from hippies to ravers to celebrities to gangs. Match that with increasing racial profiling (busting up reggae festivals) and increased tooling up of police (police are armed in Sweden), increased tooling up of gangs naturally follows - especially as the number of Swedish drug users (and therefore profit margins) increase.

It would take forever to give a history of failed drug policing in Sweden but it’s not a new thing - it used to be motorcycle gangs - Hell’s Angels types - that ran these kind of crime rings and we’re the social pariahs 20 years ago and less

It wasn’t uncommon even going back 10-15 years ago for prosecutors and judges to get letterbombs or Molotov cocktails

But it’s not only drugs coming over from the continent, a lot is booze and other consumer goods too. Stolen vehicles, small firearms, mobile phones, passports…whatever - the capacity for black market organization has increased in line with the growing market for drugs…and the incidents are mainly between rival gangs with the Police seemingly unable or unwilling to do anything even resembling overtime in order to deal with it

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Meh, it doesn’t really impact on day-to-day life for the vast majority of people of course. The media tend not to make too many headlines about it but still it gets folded into the far-right narrative

The truth is more;

There’s a longer article here but it mainly talks about health rather than the ecosystem of crime that surrounds the supply*17hfl4v*_ga*eTFoZXM2NTdYUEk2OUlyMENyNVpaMEdZRWR1cmhPd0J3RXVNcUswMlpUcDVPeE9Ba1VUSllmMFhXSnVrTy1HVg

This is all interesting, thanks for that. I don’t really get why the bombings have increased so much in the last 4-5 years if all that stuff has been commonplace for decades, but what you’ve said is not something I’ve seen mentioned in any detail from what I have managed to find (guardian and ft). Some of the locations of the bombings (ie a tax authority in Copenhagen) seem odd. Do you have any further reading on it or would it all just be in Swedish?

(posted this after your second post so apologies if it’s covering what I just mentioned)

Rival gangs fighting for territory mainly. Up until about 10/15 years ago the various motorcycle gangs had a kind of agreed truce between territories then Balkan gangs kind of took over and now there’s 5 or 6 different elements vying for control for the supply across the bridge from Denmark - through which everything comes. It’s a real pressure point.

What are the other elements and whats caused them? If its the first time that border checks have been brought in after 60 years (if thats correct) I guess it must be something new, or did you mean elements of the biker gangs/balkan gangs are more fractured now? I wasn’t aware biker gangs were a thing in Sweden.

It goes way back, back to the old days of illicit porn distribution even, but there was an all out drug war in the 90s

Today’s situation is just a continuation of that but with many more players.

There’s elements from all over Europe and beyond as well as 2nd/3rd/4th generation populations in Holland, Denmark. Sweden & Norway.

From what I’ve heard there is a pretty major war right now between Russian supply chains going through the Baltics & Turkish/Balkan supply chains coming through Germany & up through Denmark

But I dunno what the truth is