Bon Appétit YouTube channel

Those voice overs weird me out too much.

Ah I love em but they are divisive

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I do like Amiel. Wasn’t sure at first but he’s cool.

Is that Rhoda in the bottom left? Love Rhoda


The chewing and lip smacking :grimacing:

She’s the best non-core member. Also love the big group chat, that’s what I was hoping for from this stream

Priya is my most underrated btw

He chops an onion really nicely though

morocco reading out lotr quotes while chopping onions

this has gone fkn weird

Loved that!

Why are they doing song lyrics?

Carla cute as hell also



Wish I’d got in my song entry on time :frowning:

why am i watching this at 2:15am

Because we stan

No idea who this lady is tho

the barefoot contessa

come again

They aren’t hitting 200k are they

how long have they got to go?

No time

yeah guess not then

jumped like 15k in the last 5 minutes though

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I really enjoyed this recent episode of Gourmet Makes.
Tasty looking food, plenty of Delaney and Sohla. Good stuff