Bon Iver 22, A Million

I know this thread has died down in activity due to the album coming out digitally a while ago, but I’ve only just caught up and my god, it’s really good; a much better, more consistent blend of the experimental and the songcraft. Salem is the best thing he’s written since Blindsided… Or maybe even just the best thing he’s ever written.


Arena tour meh:

Bet it will be expensive and I’m far more curious to see the support. Probably shouldn’t go probably will and moan about it.

Another excuse to visit Barcelona. Hope he doesn’t cancel the whole lot like last time. Blackpool ?

Ffs he’s that big now? Uncool

Don’t get the surprise, he’s been doing arenas since the second album

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Plus it sounds like the current show is very much designed for arenas, and sounds like it’ll be pretty great (

Last Scottish trip he played to 4500 over 2 nights but still, the jump from that to 13,000 in one night is pretty huge …

Sure he’s well able!

Last time I saw him, at Forbidden Fruit 17, the rain blew his equipment and stopped the show for 20 mins, so grateful for the indoor setting now

Genuinely can’t tell whether this is the genuine title or not


£52 for standing at the MEN think I will pass.

still can’t believe he cancelled the Roundhouse show I had tickets to :sob:

Quite enjoying that no one’s bothered to update the thread title


Said upthread I’m sure, but I somehow managed to get front and centre balcony tickets to the 22 tour, even though they’d been on sale for ages and standing tickets were already all sold out for both dates. Then he cancelled it, and when they rearranged they only gave 1 days notice to original ticket holders, I missed the email and that was that :confused:

I’ve worked out that my issue with post-Emma Bon Iver is twofold. Firstly, all that damn sax - it’s often used in such a wandering, aimless way that it really detracts from the song around it. A few times it adds a great texture but generally I’m really not a fan of his use of it.

Also, he sings so much more in falsetto now, or at least it feels that way. He’s got a great voice, and he’s certainly at his most unique when he sings that high, but between that and the less structured music a lot of the last two albums just melds together and doesn’t leave any impact beyond a nice mood. All of my favourite recent songs have him singing deeper or at least using his whole vocal range - Creeks, Circle, Hey Ma, Holyfields, Jelmore etc.

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