Bon Iver's playing February





Is this album rollout just one giant exercise in trolling?


He probably thinks it’s a romantic sea side town or something.


£40 a go at the Roundhouse


Desperately need tickets to one of those Roundhouse shows. More than happy to 40 clams for it.


I been sleeping in a stable mate.


Enjoy Bon Iver in Blackpool!


got roundhouse tickets :slight_smile:


New song. 8 (circle). This performance has added Anais. :heart_eyes:


Ffs - missed out as always.


I got Edinburgh tickets in the presale. Never seen him play live before. Is he any good? I feel like it’ll work really well in a seated venue.


That was quite listenable until the 4 minute mark - the last bit was difficult to get through though


i saw him at the SECC a few years back and it was terrible, just didn’t work at all on that scale

also got tickets for edinburgh and know a few folk who saw him the last time he did theatre gigs up here, he’s apparently great in smaller venues


The only time I’ve seen ‘Bon Iver’ (seen Volcano Choir at the Barbican which was great) was headling Coachella in 2012 - was probably quite drunk but it was absolutely fucking amazing.


I saw him at the Usher Hall and that was really great, so you might be onto something here…

Was actually at the SECC one too, but had to leave after the support act because the thinly-veiled became very sick (hopefully unrelated). Comforting to hear that I didn’t miss much. Glad they built the Hydro, not sure any of the gigs I saw at the SECC could be considered great