Bono has only gone and got himself nominated as woman of the year




I couldn’t even tell you what he’s done in 2016


I just got a PM from someone saying they’d pay me to slag off U2 in this thread.

I said no, I’m strictly pro bono.


Bout time in all, great bunch o’ lad




Oh no that’s the other one innit


I do not like Bono


Excellent joke.


Bewildering innit.

Is it a joke?


About time too. Whole thing is political correctness gone mad. Imagine the furor if there was a “Man of the Year” award.


he’s got confused because everyone keeps telling him he’s a fanny


He’s done a Ron Swanson. Good on him.


It’s like that South Park episode where he can’t bare to be number 2 at anything


The most baffling award since Ed Sheeran won “most influential artist in black music.”




it’s an old joke


sounds like an administrative error with hilarious consequences


don’t be so hard on yourself man, you’re not THAT old.


Youngest DiSer @ Amsterdam 2016 mate


bob dylan must be fuming though