Bonsoir tout le monde!

No, I’m not back, just trolling. Or maybe not.
Anything happened here in the last 2 years ?
Did you miss me ?
Y aura-t-il de la neige à noël ?




Qui êtes vous ?

Lots of things probably changed since I was a regular there…

Its changed a heck of a lot, and yet, not at all

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Lots of names I can’t recognize but the same kind of threads…

Genuinely is a lot friendlier here now i think. But less funny. But maybe that just reflects poorly on me, idk.


Bonsoir, Lyle!

Bonsoir. Comment allez-vous ?

Friendlier ? What happens ?

Lyle!! Bonsoir Monsieur Cheri!! Bon Noel etc.

(Still here)

I’ve missed 0 reply Lyle threads. One of my favourite things about old DiS

Cant’ really say I miss that…
Might try one, just to remember the good old times…

Joyeuses fêtes !

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