Bonus boring thread for Monday: passwords

I’ve started getting password expiry warnings on my work computer. I’ve got 14 days left!!! Fuck off?!!!

All other password chat welcome.

It’s a good feeling when you’re not quite sure of a password, so you guess and it turns out to be right.


Does DiS still automatically blank out your passwords when you type them in here?


Edit: Looks like it does!

I use Lastpass.

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I think I might quit passwords; just click the “forgot my password” link and create a new one every time.

HATE the conditions like it must contain one capital letter, 2 numbers, one non-alphanumeric symbol and one squiqqle drawn in paint and copied over into the box.


To log on to my work computer, I need to enter the drive encryption password on boot, then Windows login, then connect to the VPN with ANOTHER password and a PIN generated by an app on my phone. Then if I want to file anything at a patent office I’ve got another PIN system to go through.

That’s too many things.

I have to change my LAN settings, do the VPN password (username, windows password again and then some code off my phone) and then change my LAN settings back. Fuck you!

Sounds like you pissed off someone in IT.

someones fucked up our work public wifi password thing, it used to be at least 6 characters with a capital letter and a number, but now its at least 6 numbers. so my password went from a variation of Password1 to password123456 this time around. ridiculous

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the really annoying requirements of some password arseholes is enternally annoying.

my rule is a mix of two words and letters that, on some sites, is 25 characters long. more than enough entropy. and i’ll never forget it.


Edit: you said it blanked them out! wtf

Work password has to be over 16 characters long. SIXTEEN! Irksome.



Pick two words, allocate one to each hand and then alternate the letters

I have about ten systems that I need to routinely log into at work, including my main work system which I have to remotely log into again from the main login in order to use one specific key bit of software.

Almost all of those passwords need to be changed every month (including all the BS about length and special characters), and some bright spark in our local IT section has decided that some of them have to be unique OVER ALL TIME! So in protest I’ve changed them all to Password1 and put them all in an unprotected text file on my desktop.


I always chose the season plus the year. So, WinterIII18.


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