Bonus/hidden tracks


There’s a good one on Disco Volante by Mr Bungle. On the CD it’s just at the end of track 3, but on vinyl you have to put the needle ‘between’ the normal track. Proper hidden track.


Best track on Think Tank. The other version was on the leak or something IIRC and it was actually years before I discovered there was a version on the album you could get by doing that.


The one on the first KoL album is nice. No really it is.


They put the other version (with Damon) on the 2 disc box set version. It’s not as good.


I prefer the Daniels version, yeah.


Travis (I know!!) . Blue Flashing Light.


It’s easily one of their best songs.


As a student i’d always thought these began with CDs and was a sort of snotty way of bands to chastise people who used their CD player’s random play function. But obviously they’d been around for decades so I guess it’s all just fun.

3-sided vinyl sounds like the craziest fun example.


I absolutely love that track. Endless Nameless is good too on Nevermind.


The problem with In Utero is it’s like a 30 minute wait. I would often just not have the energy to hold down FF for that long. :smiley:


This is the only hidden track i could think of worth the effort


Aesop Rock - Pigs at the end of None Shall Pass, even had a video. One of the best things on the album.


The Hold Steady did 3 hidden tracks at the end of Stay Positive… and they are better than the majority of the songs on the record!


Shame it’s very hard to get to now. Not on Spotify.


Like the one at the end of Around The Fur. Great track, can’t be arsed skipping half an hour.


This is one of my absolute favourite tracks, hidden at the end of Howl



The mew and Oceansize “track zero” ones are good


this 'un off The Lost Riots. like, there’s a very strong case for it being the best tune on the album.


I’ll never forget having the misfortune of falling asleep to Zooropa when I was a kid and discovering those alarms hidden after “The Wanderer”.