Bonus sauna nudity thread


In July, i’m best man for a guy marrying a Swedish lass, and the wedding is just outside of Gothenburg. His fiancée’s family have booked out the local massive sauna for the night before so my first meeting with the male side of her family, alongside the groom, groomsmen, and various village elders, will be there. This is Sweden remember, where towels are likely not even going to be a thing. I’m amused/fine with it, I reckon. The groomsmen are freaking out considerably.

How are you with saunas?

  • I don’t go into saunas m8
  • Towel on, stay quiet, don’t make eye contact
  • Nude as the day I was born, chatty as fuck
  • Never tried a sauna but would like to at some point

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ha ha all the pretty swedish girls laughing at your shrivelled little willy


Towel on, have a chat.


you almost certainly are fucking chuffed about the whole thing, aren’t you?


Towel on, opening chat line:
“So Joey: have you ever been in a… in a Turkish prison?”


yep :smiley:


Not great with heat for a long period tbh so don’t go in them that often. When I do it depends on where/who else is there / conventions.

My spa, where I do most my saunaing it’s towel/bathing suits in the mixed one, and nude in the same sex ones. Go to the mixed one with the missus, so dictated.




big fan of the irish/europeans being the nude chatty sort in this poll. As expected <3


In one in St Petersburg once, just the two of us. Three big caricatures of russian men come in with a stern/friendly hello, then whacked up the heat and opened three bottles of beers with their teeth. Brilliant.




pretty tempted to build one of those mini saunas in the back garden one day tbh. ruin my neighbours’ view


The wedding I went to in San Francisco had the bachelor and bachelorette party at what seemed to be a Sauna with a “clothing optional” section. You also ate and drank there which seemed a bit odd.

Unfortunately our plane got in the night after this so we had to miss this.


ended up crashing one of these in New Orleans which was an experience. sauna and hot tub kind of vibe. being nude with folk is fun – being crammed into a hot tub with them is extremely variable result depending on who is around you


Brooke would love this. Dependant on garden size I would love a mini sauna and hot tub*, a pool would be amazing but they’re so high maintenance and expensive if you want them to actually be usable for more than three weeks of the year.

*definite neighbourhood swingers


Yeah but I don’t want to be nude with my boyfriends mum, dad and brother or his cousins that i’ve just met…or his aunts and uncle etc.


yeah the crashing of someone else’s wedding thing made it far easier socially. ‘who are you guys?’ ‘just sort of walked in and everyone else was nude’. ‘nice, let’s have a drink’.


what if you get a stiffy


have absolutely specced out and got the cash ready for a hot tub once we’ve bought the house. yessssssss.


cant imagine anything worse than eating a sit down meal inside a sauna.