Book Donation/ Book Swap (rolling?)

Not sure if this belongs in Classifieds…

I’ve got the following books that I’ve read and are now going free to a good home:

Fingersmith - Sarah Waters
The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver
Beyond Black - Hilary Mantel
Quarantine - John Crace
The Hamlyn Student Cookbook
The Literature Lover’s Companion - Nicola Chalton

DM me your address and I’ll pop them in the post.

Feel free to share your list of swaps/ donations etc.


Good idea! I think I might have two copies of a Vonnegut book I could offload, can’t remember which one though

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I might take that off your hands of you can remember.

This is an excellent plan. I have so many books I would love to send to a good home. Will list up tomorrow.


I have the Unusual Suspect by Ben Machell, which I read in about two days earlier this year and loved but probably don’t need to read again. Trying to do one in one out with books atm so it’s free to a good home.

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i’ve been meaning to try and trim my collection a bit, was gonna wait until i could pile up a reasonable amount to bring to Oxfam but i may try this thread first whenever i get round to this

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What a lovely idea

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I love this! A lot of my books are prematurely packed away for our eventual move, but I have a bunch I’ve been meaning to give away.