Book/film spin-off thread - good reactionary authors/film makers

wondering about this. i like some cormac mccarthy but y’know, there’s real strong blood and soil, eye for an eye themes in his stuff. lots of those older american authors can fire off a sentence and get you nodding along to some really #problematic shit.

i guess chris nolan is kind of a cryptoid, tho i don’t think he’s ever made a truly great film.

tarantino, if you think he’s good (i don’t think he’s been any good since jackie brown really).

what other crackpot dirtbags are good at writing and filming stuff?

James Ellroy
Evelyn Waugh
Maybe Nick Cave, too, but I think that’s separate from his actual beliefs.

james ellroy is a great shout actually. without doubt a seriously disturbed man who also writes some unbelievable stuff.

Rob Zombie’s films are more miss than hit but his remake of Halloween was surprisingly very good.

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Orson Scott Card? In my opinion he’s written some of the most fantastic science fiction books that I’ve ever read

also Ernest Hemingway

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hemingway! how could i forget the hem. absolute hardass.

There are loads of hard sci-fi authors who are off the scale reactionary.

I don’t doubt that he’s one that stood out to me because I read tonnes of his books before I actually knew anything about his beliefs.

It was actually quite disconcerting because it seemed like there was no way to gain any insight into the more reactionary stances he holds purely by reading his books.

i think you could make a strong case for 70s/80s scorcese. not politically maybe, but definitely had the catholic guilt/blood expiation thing down to a tee, especially

mean streets
taxi driver
last temptation



i dunno if i get this thread


basically who’s a crackpot right-winger/has general crackpot beliefs who’s also a talented writer/movie maker.

is it “makes great art, but has dodgy personal life and/or problematic views”?


clint eastwood’s made a good film or two?


They’re all too right wing for me.

Louis-Ferdinand Céline! (anti-semite, collaborator, etc.),
Burroughs was not exactly progressive in many ways from what I can gather
Proust was a snob…

Opinions may differ as to whether they are ‘good’, but a large number of weird tales authors were definitely far too into fucked up racial ‘science’ and eugenics, Lovecraft, Robert E Howard, Derleth etc…

If anything, I’m finding it more difficult to think of genuinely good non-reactionary authors (I hope that doesn’t say more about me than the world)

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“unforgiven” straddled the line perfectly, great film. whereas he’s gone full on mad granddad over the last 10 years i guess.

Celine is a great shout. One of my favourite authors, but had terrible ideological quirks and lived in exile for it. Heidegger was in the Nazis’ pockets. I think Wodehouse did some Nazi shit too didn’t he? Maugham was a narcissistic predator. Wasn’t Rainer Werner fairly awful?

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