Book of poems Kickstarter

Hi all,

Sorry for starting a new thread, but I’ve actually made the Kickstarter campaign now.

If you’re not interested but you know someone who might be, please share. This also applies if you are interested.

Thanks in advance you lovely lot x


Absolutely not a problem, thank you very much. Let’s hope it happens and you get a thing.

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I think you’re a really cool, insanely talented guy. Good luck.


That’s an extremely nice thing to say. Thanks bugduv.

Pledged and shared on the ol’ Facebook as I think these are great

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Thanks mate, I did notice. It’s just occurring to me now how highly embarrassing this will all be when I don’t reach the target…

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I think you won’t have a problem.

Here’s a tip for Jag threads btw, don’t reply to any messages until the thread has dropped off the last 10 or so threads, that way each of your replies is a convenient bump too.


What’s a Jag thread?

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A thread where you’re promoting something you made yourself.

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Pledged. Sorry it’s not for more - I’m having to watch the pennies a bit.

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You have a made a very funny and engaging Kickstarter, which is an achievement in itself.



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you on the twitters? i’ll tag you in my tweet about it if so.

backed. Best of luck, your poems are great x

I am, but not specifically poems. I should set up its own account. But thank you, I’ll let you know when I have.

Thank you (and @Bamnan), anything is very much appreciated.


In addition, the first 50 backers will get their name printed in the book! Imagine that!

Somebody hasn’t learned from the number of boardgame Kickstarters that I’ve made print “Bumsnogger” in the acknowledgements section of the rulebook.


I am completely broke (-£400 this month – a new record), but I’m thinking I might do this if I reach the goal with the first little bit extra that comes in.

Yep, will do.


@Epimer I would love to print that in my book.


I assume it was someone here – many thanks to the person who just backed the £40 jobby.

I love you.