Book of poems Kickstarter



well done @Mistersteve I’m really pleased for you :slight_smile:

Nice to see talent rewarded


Just pledged. I know fuck all about poetry but your stuff really made me chuckle.


Thank you.

And it has to be said that neither do I :ok_hand:


Do they not realise that you have already written the poems? I do not like your workmates’ attitudes, they stink.

If you get over a certain amount do you think you will reprint the first one to try and get more sales of that too?


Really not sure what to do about the first one. I’ve had a few more people ask about it, so there is interest. Not too much, I wouldn’t do a big print run. Also I noticed a mistake in it yesterday – sigh – and I think a few of them are a bit…meh.

Don’t know whether to put it as a stretch goal, or just an extra reward or something.


Maybe in that case you could choose some of the ones you think hold up best and print them in a small pamphlet/zine type way so it is a bit cheaper to do? You could probably get interest in that from most most of your backers for a few quid extra pledged, and on its own it might attract a few people who can’t quite afford the book as well.


Yeah I like that idea. I’d have to look at printing costs and logistics but it seems like a reasonable idea. Especially cutting out some of the stuff I’m not so proud of any more…




Wow - keep going - come on DiS let’s get behind this lovely project.


Thanks mate.


I’ve just joined a poetry forum, with the intention of advertising this thing.

Having had a root around in the ‘Humour’ thread, I’m not sure it’s their bag…

Also all of theirs rhyme.


just post it and don’t worry

if it was the same as everyone elses then then what is the point?

#53 ?



So close to a couple of landmarks.


yeah i’d love to get to that classic £980 goal with something i’d funded like this :smiley::wink:

srsly tho well f—ing done


Well this is extremely pleasing.


I lost a pledge today :neutral_face:


Ahhh mate you have done so well here and I’m so pleased I’ll be getting a copy.

You have hardly touched the surface in terms of promotion and look what you have achieved.

If you come into profit then do some sponsored insta/Facebook posts targeting certain demographics (middle age men into poetry and comedy) and be prepared to get a load more printed


I’m in profit now, but I don’t get the money till after the project is finished. Advertising would be a great idea but it’s just not an option, thanks anyway though.


As anticipated, this is what my paid advert has brought me:

Ah well.