Book of poems Kickstarter



Holy shit!

So so excited about receiving this - excellent (and pretty inspirational) effort.


Looks really cool. Looking forward to getting my copy !


Thanks everyone. The cards on on their way, and prints not long after that. Books will be sent out when cards arrive, prints shortly afterwards. Hopefully it won’t be a massive disappointment.


Today I posted 70 books to people around the world. Quite exciting. I’ve also ordered the prints.

I’ve set up a shop online for any latecomers or people who didn’t get chance to order via the Kickstarter campaign. It would help me a bunch if you shared the shit out of it.



Are you sharing on Twitter?


Will do. That account doesn’t have many followers though.


Neither does mine (not actually mine but the work one I run…) but we might get to double figures if we both share.


Cheers mate. I have just tweeted (did you hear it?).


Mine arrived today - looks perfect!!

Well done my man


Thanks mate. Nervous today, I think a lot of people’s will arrive.



(looks great!)


Man I totally should have asked everyone who bought one to send a photo of them with it.

Looking sharp, Bammers.


I’m looking rough as fuck today so this is all you’re getting


Tea & poetry, the perfect combination.


Just ordered, can’t wait.


Oh man, this is glorious. Superb work.

The one on page thirty-seven genuinely made tears roll down my face. Best one.


It arrived! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, which one is that?


And thanks everyone else. You’re all bloody legends.


It arrived!

My name’s in the back!