Book thread 2018 📚


What are you looking forward to reading?

I’m taking these back down to London with me

Read some of them before. Know Your Place is a new collection of essays similar to The Good Immigrant which I loved.

I also have East West Street to read (a sort of personal history of international criminal law and the Nuremberg trials).

Also might finally read a massive Donna Tartt hardback I got years ago for Christmas that is just too heavy to take anywhere.

Generally want to read more history books.


Going to attempt to read quality over quantity this year. Been hitting up the Classics section of my local library lately.
Currently enjoying Pnin so would like to read the Luzhin Defense and Lolita soon. He’s so good.

Is the big Donna Tartt The Goldfinch? I really enjoyed that.


Takes me back - Emma was one of my a level texts, and read OANTOF at uni

I’m keeping it light and reading Postcards From The Edge

Only reading goals are to do more of it this year




Been reading Swing Time by Zadie Smith over the holidays. Really enjoying it so far.

Loved Lincoln in the Bardo and haven’t read any other George Saunders, so one of his short story collections is next on my list.

Also, very slowly rereading Infinite Jest. At this rate I’ll be finished by next Christmas.

Love Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit :+1: Have you read Jeanette Winterson’s autobiography? That’s well worth a read it you enjoy OANTOF.


Gonna read Wind up bird chronicle, something by Kafka and then a book about Stalingrad or a general history of WW2 :slight_smile:


Have you read any Kafka before? I’d definately recommend picking up a short story collection, I think that’s where he’s at his best. A Country Doctor is probably my favourite ever short story:


I’m reading this


It’s amazing


Here’s my wishlist combined with my actually-have-to-read list

Home going
Lincoln in the bardo
My absolute darling
Sleeping beauties
The fall of the house of fifa
The woman in the dunes
Woman in Black
Dark Tales
The Haunting of Hill House


You’ll probably like Grain of Wheat @DarwinBabe - I prefer his more magical realist stuff (especially Wizard of The Crow.)

I’m starting Exit West on Jan 1st. I’ll also read Lincoln In The Bardo, Swing Time and Infinite Jest next year. I’d quite like to read Mason & Dixon if I get time too.


Also love his diaries and aphorisms


Yeah I half read it last Christmas but idk if i want to haul it all the way back down thia year.


Think this is probably my favourite Pynchon after Gravity’s Rainbow. It’s probably the most character driven of his I’ve read. Would really like to reread it, but struggle to find the time to tackle massive books anymore.


Never read his diaries. It’s on my list!


Be interested what you think. I was not as into it as many.

Currently reading The good People by Hannah Kent…it’s very good.


My to read pile. I did one of those goodreads challenges this year and found I was rushing through things and picking short books over longer ones just to hit some stupid arbitrary target so I’m aiming at making a go at this 850 page Beefheart book which I bought years ago and never had the balls to attempt. Got the other two for Christmas, really looking forward to digging into them too.


Just bought 9 ebooks in the Verso sale but probably won’t read any of them. Just feels nice to buy 'em.
On a PKD kick at the moment; read Flow My Tears just before Christmas, and In Milton Lumky Territory on a long train ride the other day. Now onto A Scanner Darkly. I will ride the PKD wave until it crests.


I’ve read some of the short stories before, only one I remember is metamorphosis. going to try out his novels I think!


That beefheart book looks sick