Book thread 2018 📚


:rofl: think i’ve heard about that, guess i should at least give it a try. must have been a nightmare for the translator.


classic Gorgs Prc


As a pointless feat of human achievement, it is admirable.


I’ve read Murphy (which I don’t think is part of The Trilogy) and have Molloy, but yet to attempt it. It’s been on my bedside table for almost a year. I occasionally look at it and then remember the no paragraphs thing and I’m like “fuck off, mate.” I reckon don’t worry about the references on stuff like this, but if you find yourself getting really stuck on a passage or section (difficult when a book has no paragraphs TRUE) then have a google.

Murphy is great if you haven’t read it. Has my favourite opening line of any book ever:

“The sun shone, having no alternative, on the nothing new.”

Just perfect!


Middlesex was an instant all time fave for me!


It took me two goes about 8 years apart to get through, but I actually really enjoyed it in the end. I’ve still got Life A Users Manual which I keep saying I will give a second try.

As for mysteries… End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas kinda does what you asked for @ericV, and seeing as I didn’t like it very much you might well love it!


i love these kinda recommendations :smiley:


think i was mis-remembering how many of those sort of references were in his stuff maybe tbh, had a hard time reading some borges stuff last year, (which i felt like you absolutely need to be engaged with the stuff he’s referencing to begin to understand) maybe was projecting that onto it. so far in molloy there’s only been the odd couple of things i didn’t get.

if anything has slowed me down so far it’s a compulsion to underline or write out so many sentences i’ve liked. had a fair few paragraphs that i had to go back through multiple times but when i’ve managed to catch the rhythm of things it’s really very exciting to read.


Yeah I agree, boring academics are generally the way to go. though I admit I did buy Stone Junction by Jim Dodge entirely because there’s a Thomas Pynchon intro.

Christopher Priest wrote The Prestige. Just the man you want.


oh yeah did I ever tell you I read Recollections of the Golden Triangle? Think I wrote a long post about that and various other books that I might have abandoned accidentally. Anyway, I read it. I ended up liking it. It’s definitely deep into his perve phase, eh?


yeah and def plays into that kind of esoterica vibe but was probably like 5th or 6th of his i read and i guess i just felt like… he’s done better stuff.


I’ve only read 3 or so I think, fairly spaced out so I think I haven’t burnt out yet. think I preferred it to the Voyeur (which seemed like he hadn’t honed his techniques quite yet), but liked In the Labyrinth most. definitely goes pretty hard on the shifting perspectives, chronology*, characters names, and basically everything else

*though it’s possible I wasn’t following properly


or were you?


oh, one more possibility just popped into my head - a few books by Patrick Modiano sound like they might fit the bill (I’ve only read a short story or maybe an extract, can’t quite remember, but it was definitely full of unresolved, vaguely understood mysteries)


Player of Games was a very, very fun read. Enjoyed it a fair bit more than Consider Phlebas.


That book did nothing for me at all, felt I got nothing out of it. No insights, thoughts, feelings - not even negative reactions. Bleh


Did you read The Marriage Plot? I loved the Virgin Suicides and Middlesex. I am really struggling. It’s been by my bed, a quarter read, for about a month. I’ve finished three books since starting it!


I haven’t no, but I’ve heard lots of people say the same as you!


I love the premise of how that society is run. Ingenious. Banks does loads of interesting stuff with games.


I’m definitely enjoying being in that world, but I also don’t have an awful lot of thoughts about the books just yet… They feel like the sort of books that I’ll read again at some point and pick up a lot more from next time. Just a nice read all in all!