Book thread 2018 📚


And he actually thanks a few people at the end for helping him write from the perspective of a female protagonist. Must have missed that one.

Plus it just isn’t anywhere near as good as the Martian.


I remember finding an old book years ago where I’d written something like “(my name) is cool” seemingly sans any sense of irony.


Purple felt tip too


I am currently deciding whether to read Northern Lights again before I dive in to Book of Dust.


Current to-read pile:

History books slowly creeping in. I’m getting old. All Our War is enjoyable in small chunks but I’m making slow progress as I keep getting annoyed by everyone involved.

Just finished the last book in the Southern Reach trilogy. Not convinced they stuck the landing but still deeply enjoyable and surprisingly well written.


Just finished The Transition. A kind of near future dystopia where they take feckless people and ‘make’ them more useful. It’s a strange old book. Some good ideas, and it’s kind of a mystery. Just a bit ‘meh’ though.


Yeah my plan is to reread them all this week :slight_smile:


I am reading Northern Lights. Enjoying it much more than i thought i might.


Got to start Luna Park at some point for my book club.

Also, reading the first Chew book (thanks Humble Bundle deal!) and it’s great! :smiley:


Bought some of those little penguin books



HDM is the GREATEST trilogy of books ever penned


good choices :slightly_smiling_face:


love that font


Recently finished ‘Big Capital’ by Anna Minton which is possibly one of the best short summations of the housing crisis and does an excellent job of critiquing the idea that it’s mainly caused by supply and demand.

Currently reading “The Weird and The Eerie” by Mark Fisher, which actually perfectly follows on from a concept that crops up in “Neoreaction A Basilisk”.


I liked this book a lot; especially when he works into talking about the inherent strangeness of capital, as an essentially absent but controlling force


Just finished Philip K Dick - Counter-Clock World - a sort of quasi-political thriller with adulterous subplots set in a world in which time started (very very inconsistently) running backwards in around 1986. It’s really funny because people age backwards, eventually having to be allotted to generous donor women’s wombs, people say ‘hello’ instead of goodbye and vice versa, they blow smoke into the cigarettes and put full ones back in the packet when they’re done, etc. etc. but people talk 99% normally, die when they’re shot, act as if cause and effect is all still tickety boo in general. I love PKD, and his writing carries even the most suspect of plots, but this is definitely one of the pulpier ones. A PKD deep cut.


grappling manfully with my custom-made Russian history saga. so I have just finished October by china mielville, which covers 1917, and now I’m reading red plenty, which is super interesting, a weird semi-fiction-semi-non-fiction that covers the economic rise and fall of the soviet union from the late 30s to the early 80s. then I intend to follow with this:

which covers the afghan war and the beginnings of the implosion of the dream. apparently this last book is especially sad.

then I need something to cover the 90s fallout and the 21st century and boom, my own custom reading course for the last 100 years of Russian history!


oh and i also need something good covering the civil war, the consolidation of Joe’s power and The Terror between the 1920s and 30s, and maybe the odd bit here and there about WW2 and the cold war.


This from the Wikipedia tickled me

‘People do not eat, but instead consume “Sogum” anally through a pipe, and later “plop” out food orally, which is done in private, due to its ‘shameful’ nature.’

Sounds really silly.


Incredible - I adore all his short stories but haven’t delved so much into his novels apart from Ubik - this makes me want to rectify that.