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Yeah I love that stuff. For example the book I’m reading just mentioned ‘We Have Always Lived In The Castle’ by Shirley Jackson (not a book I’d heard of before), I read your post them scroll down and Mute Branches mentions that book in his post.

That kind of think happens loads. Some people on here told me that it’s just one thing prompts you to notice the other thing but it’s not like they’re common things you’ll always encounter everyday.


I’m intending on reading all/most of Iain M Bank’s Culture series. I’ve read, and liked, a few of his books, but the only Culture book I’ve read is Consider Phlebas four years ago. I’ve slowly been buying any of his Culture books I find in charity shops, and now have the first eight. I’m halfway through Consider Phlebas again, then will continue with the others.

I also saw that there’s going to be a tv series made of his Culture books, to be released on Amazon Prime at some point, so that will be good to see when it’s out.


The books are pretty much all gold (Matter is maybe the weakest but has some great moments and concepts still) and the order in which you read them can be pretty fluid. My one bit of advice would be to get a couple more under your belt before you move onto Excession because… well, you’ll understand once you get into it (and it’s one of my favourites of all time) - just an easier read with more context and familiarity with Banks’s universe.

I’m currently 3 books into a big re-read. Super excited about the TV adaptation!


great, thanks! If I read them in order then it looks like Excession will be #5, so that’s good.

I read his (non Culture) book Feersum Endjinn a few months ago, and really loved it. Was quite disappointed when it was over because I wanted it to continue.


I also wouldn’t go anywhere near Inversions until you’ve read a few of the others.


To counter the fact I have so much uni reading to do, even thought they’re all books I’d have chosen to read anyway, I’m only really reading trashy stuff for pleasure at the moment.

Got the baztan trilogy, just read invisible guardian which is the first one and onto the second. Murder mystery type stuff but with an element of Basque mythology and interesting landscapes.

I recently read You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life, You Are Raoul Moat. Which was alright.

Listening to a Val McDermid book about forensics too, which is my bedtime routine but it means I fall asleep without really hearing any of it.


You can’t go wrong with the order they were written (minus inversions). While the chronology is unimportant, there are concepts which get built upon over the course of the series.


A couple of stories into CivilWarLand In Bad Decline and it’s one of those books where I quite enjoy going back to read out loud passages I’ve just read past. Partly because a lot of the narration reminds me of Chris Morris’ during the Blue Jam monologues.


I can’t recall anything about ‘plopping’. To be honest it didn’t register with me that people were consuming sogum thru the butts—people just offer each other sogum pipes quite often and I assumed it was some type of casual drug…


Just got started with Jeff Vandermeer’s ‘Annihilation’ on the recommendation of a friend.
Reads very, very easily thus far. Very “inviting strangeness” as the blurb has it.
Not sure why it’s three really short books rather than one large one, if not in order to sell 3x as many.


This is great:


In fairness the three books are very distinct in approach, I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it, but I think it’s a reasonable move.


I look forward to being proved a massive cynical bore!
This first book is a fucking belter so far, so I’d already forgiven him even if it was a naked cash grab.


there is a version with them all collected (even more money for him!). I didn’t mind them being separate, it’s much less off-putting to actually read - there’s no daunting ‘oh great another 1000 page book to get through’ feeling


I know nothing about this but the title and subtitle suggests it’d be up my steet


Its exactly what it looks like. Fascinating.


Been reading 4-3-2-1 for fucking ages. can never remember which version of Ferguson I’m reading about.


Interested in getting more Delillo and I’ve seen the library has the following, so for someone who read White Noise (and kind of enjoyed it, moreso in retrospect and thinking about it so is due a re-read some time), what would be a well-recommended next step?

  • Libra
  • Americana
  • Falling Man
  • Players
  • The Names
  • Mao II

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They also have Underworld but I might save that for when I’m more feeling like dedicating more time to such a mahoosive tome.


white noise is probably his poppiest novel, not sure there’s really an obvious one to go to next out of that lot but mao II ad libra are both excellent, though depending on how much you know/care about jfk/oswald, libra is a bit dated now.


I’m interested in the results of this poll as I feel like I need to revist Delillo.