Book thread 2018 📚


Also, Underworld is massive but it’s not really a hard read imo, probably his best novel.


I’ve also been doing a bit of this sort of thing

nothing is true and everything is possible is the one I’ve got for after the USSR, seems good.

got a bit tired of the straight history I was reading and started the unwomanly face of war by svetlana alexievich, which has incredible prose and is shaping up to be one of my favourite non fiction books.

also got this which looks fucking boss


Cried at work reading His Dark Materials.

the whole concept of dæmons and the way he conveys how profoundly bad it is to be separated from them really gets to me


Libra is the only one of those I’ve read I think, so I went for that. I don’t think the earlier ones are meant to be as good, nor is Falling Man from what I’ve read about it


It’s the bit in The Subtle Knife where the souls are released from the underworld which always got to me - it’s just the most beautiful writing.


Libra is the most straightforward. Mao II is bit more experimental. I wouldn’t recommend The Names. Falling Man I enjoyed more than the reviews suggested - the last few pages are brilliant.


Falling Man isn’t his best book but does that Delillo thing very well where a small moment becomes…big.


This is good news, as Libra and Mao II are the easiest to find in the library (i.e. multiple copies and I know where they are without having to check the number reference thingy). I was curious about The Names because (a) that new Alex Ross Perry film, which seems to be a (loose?) adaptation and (b) the fact it sounds crazy


Update: 150 pages into Lunar Park and it’s really good :smiley:


Is this the Bret Easton Ellis book? Quite enjoyed it if so.


Yep! I’m liking the whole fake memoir/ghost story vibe :smiley:


oh didn’t click that boys in zinc was by the same author, definitely gonna get that as well. she’s an incredibly talented writer.


Red Plenty is great, isn’t it? Need to reread it as I was substantially more stupid on first reading.
Read any other Spufford? Wonder if it’s as good…


I’m reading The Iliad and tbh everyone’s a massive dick


read this version?


need to check out his other stuff.


the hijacker chapters are the best imo. didn’t really give a shit about the office guy.


As it’s DiS I’m a bit disappointed it’s not a link to a Homer Simpson parody version


sounds like just the pair of tickets i’ve been looking for to round out the old reading course, thanks!


how was china mieville’s book on it?