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Just getting into The Sport of Kings by C.E. Morgan - it’s pretty great so far - a very floridly written Kentucky family melodrama spanning a few generations. Some fantastic horsey scenes. Grim, Southern writing about horses is a firm favourite of mine (e.g., unsurprisingly, All the Pretty Horses).


I started Universal Harvester. I found it on my kindle but don’t remember buying it. It was very strange and I wasn’t sure what it was doing. I gave up about 1/3 of the way through.


yeah it’s a bit baffling. I’m not sure I’d recommend bothering with the rest of it either


I’m sure loads of people on here have read The City and The City, there’s an adaptation on BBC2 starting in twenty minutes!


ooh. good looking out.


Roughly 20 pages into James Baldwin’s Another Country and it’s staggering. An absolute masterpiece.

Why have I left it this long to read it?!


I tried reading this last month and lost interest after the first part. I don’t know how far along you are so I won’t say any more than that. His portrayal of women and how violence can be enacted against them with no repercussions made me feel uneasy.

Currently halfway through Go Tell it on the Mountain and enjoying that a lot more.


Uneasy because you feel that he condones those portrayals and that behaviour?

It’s merely a narrative voice that he created, reflecting a reality that he observed from the life he experienced, in the same way for example Martin Amis does not condone the cuntish excesses of John Self in Money, he’s merely reflecting the life he observed in self-centred, money obsessed mid-80s London/New York.

Anyway, I’m loving it.


Yeah. I enjoy some books that are different, and I am not sure where it’s going. But this. Meh, just couldn’t be bothered with it.


I went to the Jose Saramego museum in Lisbon yesterday, and they had this letter from Saramego to/about his grandmother. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long while.


The Fifth Season - N K Jemisin

So good. I had read one of her books before. It was good but this is an incredible step up from that. Compelling and heartbreaking from the very first pages. She is really very talented.
Looking forward to the next book in the trilogy now.

And yes: fuck off, MRA/sad puppy dickheads.


how do you consume your reading

  • buy new hardbacks
  • buy new paperbacks
  • buy second hand books
  • buy ebooks
  • steal ebooks
  • library

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added another option but can’t change the max number of options soz


I was thinking about reading this. Really liked Haunting and Castle


been sticking to the uni library this year, which saves money and limits me to what’s available there (leading me to stuff I might not have immediately gone to, and sometimes in versions that are very old and dusty and make me slightly ill)


One of the best things about being the head of an English Department is having a large budget and no one thinks twice if you spend it on books :dollar: :orange_book: :dollar: :orange_book: :slight_smile:


I’m assuming this is what you meant.


I’m re-reading the first two in preparation for the third, halfway through Obelisk Gate at the moment - wasn’t sure about it the first time I read it, but it’s standing up a lot better now.
Her 100,000 Kingdoms Trilogy is great as well.


Interloans are your friend :). And university librarians are massively underworked and need to get their numbers up, so would love to help you.


Read all three of these this year. I wasn’t sold on her earlier books (the ones I’ve read, anyway), but these are really, really good stuff. I loved the dawning realisation of exactly how the three viewpoint characters in the first book are related to each other.