Book thread 2018 📚


Just finished Angela Carter’s The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman, which is mostly great and totally surreal, though a few bits are a pretty grim read, and it goes to shit slightly at the end. Would definitely recommend it, though it might not be to everyone’s tastes.

Now, Gravity’s Rainbow has been staring at me from my bookshelf for some time - do I finally take the plunge? Is it actually worth its mammoth length?


I read the Infernal Desire Machines at the end of last year and thought it was incredible. It is really quite fucked up in various respects.


It dropped into my Kobo overnight and I was reading it on the tube in today - it’s good!


Gonna finish Terra Ignota 2 then I’ll be in on it.


Getting rave reviews everywhere too

Miss M. is gonna do a famous


I read the Pool excerpts last night and loved it. The only reason I haven’t downloaded to kindle yet is because I am a bit torn- I think I’ll maybe buy a hardback as a keepsake.


Really excited to read this. Haven’t read any fiction in ages.


Get the hardback, signed, first edition. There’s a long and illustrious career ahead and this is a laying of the cornerstone that is totally worth commemorating


I’d say yeah. Have you read any other Pynchon?


Guys why are terrible sex scenes so common in good books? I think I’m traumatised


JFC :joy:






(beaver, Shirley?)


what is this from?


Train comes I don’t know its destination
It’s a ravenous mouth with otter insulation


The Virgin Suicides. Some other parts are over-described too but nothing like this…


Off to pick mine up a bit later today :slight_smile:


I’ve read that book twice and don’t remember that, I must have blocked it out!


Are sex scenes basically to writers what overblown sax solos were to musicians in the 80s?


I used to think that writers were terrible with sex scenes because they’re terrible at sex but then later I shifted to thinking that good sex is just almost entirely non-verbal

But I dunno mang

Maybe it’s just men who are terrible at describing sex? Are there any good anthologies or collections of sex scenes in literature written by women that anyone knows of?