Book thread 2018 📚


I’ve just finished The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. I love that shit.


Gonna go to the Barb library at lunch and get some books to read I reckon.


Haven’t read Sci-Fi for a while but currently on Children of Time for my Book Club and it’s really good so far. Half way through. If you like books about terraforming and super intelligent spiders (and frankly who doesn’t) then check it out.


About half way through this. Really enjoying it. Based on what I’d read about her work, I wasn’t expecting Flannery O’Connor to be quite as funny a writer as she is.


Still largely on a non-fiction tip at the moment finished reading ‘Sapiens’ recently probably much later than everyone else.

Harari clearly has a particular take on interpreting history, which seems fairly rooted in materialism, but I think it’s a very interesting one. Currently reading the second of Eugene Thacker’s books on the Horror of Philosophy.