Book thread 2018 📚


I’ve just finished The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson. I love that shit.


Gonna go to the Barb library at lunch and get some books to read I reckon.


Haven’t read Sci-Fi for a while but currently on Children of Time for my Book Club and it’s really good so far. Half way through. If you like books about terraforming and super intelligent spiders (and frankly who doesn’t) then check it out.


About half way through this. Really enjoying it. Based on what I’d read about her work, I wasn’t expecting Flannery O’Connor to be quite as funny a writer as she is.


Still largely on a non-fiction tip at the moment finished reading ‘Sapiens’ recently probably much later than everyone else.

Harari clearly has a particular take on interpreting history, which seems fairly rooted in materialism, but I think it’s a very interesting one. Currently reading the second of Eugene Thacker’s books on the Horror of Philosophy.


Read Lady Macbeth of (insert place) by Russian guy. Was good, just a novella to read in a sitting and only just bought it this afternoon so can’t remember the details like title/author. Different ending to the film.

Also finally finished the first book of Moore’s Jerusalem (got the box of three books to make it less daunting). Not sure about it. Read twenty odd books between starting and finishing which didn’t help.

Otherwise, The Cloven is out next week. Feel like I pre-ordered ages ago. Looking forward to that.


I just finished The Beach of Falesa by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Passable Boys’ Own adventure ruined by the abundant casual colonial racism.


Bought Dave and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell on a whim, interesting but also shockingly bad, like probably would get a failing mark for a uni essay bad, is he actually respected as an academic


Not sure about the academic bit - doesn’t he just write popular psychology/ economics books for people like me who don’t understand social sciences or economics?


Ah right, I just he assumed he was an academic for some reason


Recently finished The Dispossessed by Ursula le Guin. Anyone read it? Instantly become my favourite book - fascinating, beautiful, incredibly written, and I felt like I got a little bit wiser as I passed through every page. Reading The Left Hand of Darkness now, yay.


I haven’t read The Dispossessed yet, but The Left Hand of Darkness is excellent.


You should, it’s perfect :heart:


I have read it and didn’t like it much.

I found the ideas interesting but the execution was boring - it reminded me why I don’t like sci-fi.



Amazing to see The Water Cure on there. Still not read it, mind. Might pick it up this week if I can get to a bookshop.


Do! It’s great!

I’m reading a trashy thriller/horror book about a ghost boy called I Remember You which someone recommend to me. It is not very good. Hopefully finished today wheeeyy


I was about to say “urgh there are no bookshops near me here” but there’s a bloody lovely Daunt books about 5 minutes walk way, duuuuh.


Did she used to be a DiSer then? Obviously don’t say their username if it’ll embarrass them or whatever. But, cool!


She’s the partner of an old DiSer who never re-joined the new boards.