Book thread 2018 📚


Haha I do…I think! I feel like a lot of that sort of literature is the author going, “look at my big literate balls!” But if it’s done with enough panache you can look past the whole egotistical enterprise and find some enjoyment in it!


Reading that big ole David Lynch book right now. Trying to rewatch (the ones I haven’t watched in a while, at least) as I go through, so I’m hoping to give Wild at Heart and Lost Highway a gander in the near future.

Both of which I need to reassess bc they’re probably my least favourite of his films (I think I’ll like Lost Highway more this time round, not so sure what my view on Wild At Heart will be).


3/4 of the way through American Pastoral. Jumping between finding it really engaging and passionately being of the opinion that it’s the best thing I’ve ever read to very long unnecessary waffle passages that bore the arse off me.


It’s my first Phillip Roth and I’m lead to believe that formula is all of them?


read Hansen’s Children by Ognjen Spahic, would recommend it to anyone looking to read a novel set in a leprosy colony during the Romanian Revolution


I’ve only read the (same) one but I felt a good third of the novel didn’t need to be there.

Impressively written but I didn’t enjoy reading it.


I sure do know a lot about leather gloves at this point


(I really loved all those sections)


The formula of Line of Dialogue>how protagonist feels about this line of dialogue>ginormous backstory explaining why he feels this way about this line of dialogue is just getting to me a little. The bits on his relationship with his daughter are so incredible that I just find myself wanting more of that all the time


Aye, I know what you mean, it’s simultaneously a real slog but with the prose actually being extremely compelling despite it slowing the narrative so much. I love it personally.


I found it a real slog. I really enjoyed another of his books, but this one I couldn’t wait until it was over (as I stubbornly made myself finish it).


Is Atlas Shrugged any good or is it one of those that I should have read as a teenager?



Read up on it and it sounds like the main philosophy will just piss me off, so I put it back and took some Murakami from the work library instead :v:


Does anybody on here ever read mainstream/ blockbustery/ chick-lit type books? I know, it’s probably a silly question. I have to read quite a lot of dry and complex stuff as part of my job and so I really don’t want anything that means I have to concentrate too hard when I read ‘for fun’. That’s not say I don’t like literature, just that sometimes (more so than ever recently) I’m just after an easy and enjoyable read and I have read things I have really enjoyed but never ever see them get mentioned on here.

E.g. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. One of the most joyful and touching things I’ve ever read. anybody else?

I’m probably just a bit simple.


goodo. i’ve never read it but from what i know through osmosis it’s one of the most evil books.


I’d argue it’s worth reading, even if you’re not a teenager.

Edit - No, I meant The Fountainhead.

Edit - Dunno, never read it.


I think it’s just you, me and @shucks, mate. Everyone else is way too cool and sophisticated. Not so much chick-lit but we can all chat about Jack Reacher if you like?


Haha I’m glad you said that - I was too scared to! Atlas Shrugged is an absolute slog and I only endured it because I actually liked The Fountainhead, despite the focus on egoism etc. However, since finding out the general consensus on Rand I thought it was some shameful sociopathic part of me that enjoyed it so have always kept quiet about it!


I think/ hope it was more of an ironic enjoyment…