Book thread 2018 📚


it’s relatively small so maybe get yourself a nice calendar of mucha to go alongside it for bigger prints


Here we are. I only glanced at it at the time I was spammed but it appears to be focused on just a phase of his work. This might be a little niche and it gets quite pricey, but there are some nice things.

It’s now finished, which usually means you can’t get it. However I’ve supported a few artists on Kickstarter and quite often they go on to release items from the campaign afterwards. Prints that were held back in case of damages etc. etc.


I finished Milkman this week.

The voice is really engaging and drags you into that insecure paranoia quite easily. There were bits that stopped me loving it (although not the subject matter) but can’t share because of spoilers.


hadn’t been updating goodreads much but then downloaded the app and realised you can scan book covers with it!!!
amazing technology
here’s my profile lets all be friends


There’s a really good Tim Key R4 documentary about Kharms - you can easily see how Key has been influenced by him with his poetry. I think it’s on iPlayer Radio permanently.


Bloody love the goodreads app. Round a friend’s house “oooo that book looks fab” zap with phone, add to list, repeat forever…


Started reading Greed by Jelinek but realised it wasn’t the right time. I’m in the middle of my course, there’s so much going on in London and it’s a book which really requires concentration and time because the sentences are so surreal and the syntax so unwieldy.

So I started reading shorter books to get me back in the zone. This week have finished:

Monsieur Hire by Georges Simonon (I loved the film adaptation)
A single man by Isherwood (Fantastic)
Release by Patrick Ness (YA novel for my course)
A beautiful summer by Cesar Pavese (can see where Elena Ferrante gets her inspiration from)

Now have a novel by Jean Cocteau, a collection of stories by Donald Barthelme and Hotel Du Lac by Anita Brookner

Hoping to get to 75 books this year


Finished The Blue Afternoon last night and, although not in the same class of Any Human Heart, it was very gripping, and, as you pointed out, really captured the times that it was set in. Tempted next to check out New Confessions.

Have just started Anna of the Five Towns by Arnold Bennett.