Book thread 2018 📚


I really enjoyed Money, felt pretty exhilarating to read so I’m looking forward to this one. I feel like a large number of noir plots are pretty poor and it’s just the style they carry it off with that lets them succeed.

I’m the same, novels just appeal a lot more but this one couldn’t be more specifically targeted at people like me haha.


The first few pages didn’t grab me when I read it in the shop so this has made we want to dive in and give it a proper shot.


SAME. Theres like a prologue? and I was like I ain’t gonna be into this then when the actual book starts, it was very different and got me.

Are prologues important? I feel like i’d be happy to skip them on a permanent basis.


I know lots of people in IRL (get me!) who, like me, found the writing in this excruciatingly ‘bad’ (I don’t think writing can be objectively bad, but it’s as good a descriptor as any). All of us had the same experience of pushing through the last third because it felt like we ought to due to some sense of the ideas being important rather than because we thought it was fun to read.

My impression from last year’s thread is that DiSers generally really enjoyed it though?


I can’t say I’m ‘enjoying’ it, but I’ve made my peace with the fact it’s supposed to be a tortuous read!


So annoying when you open a book and there’s author notes, an intro by another writer, a prologue … and then the story proper starts on like page 20!


I loved AMPS but haven’t read anything else by her so going to check some of these out.


I can confirm that The Good People by Hannah Kent is a fantastic book.


I’ve been reading ‘A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain’ which is really easy to read and entertaining too. I kind of want more cold
Hard facts though.


totally different book but I thought you meant this book I read as a child which is a very good kids book iirc


Ended up buying paprika, the novel that was adapted into the anime. Anyone read it?



Finished Mason & Dixon this morning. Oh man, that book.



My book group read this! It’s a wild read for sure, but extremely readable and has a great deal to say.


Blasted through the 33 1/3 on Ramones Ramones. By a professor of English literature, so quite interesting in looking at the context and at writings about punk, not just the album.


Just finished the Austin Osman Spare biography. Strange Attractor stuff is generally pretty interesting. Got a really poorly published book on AOS writings about the Zos Kia and what not which I’m going to thumb through at some point as well. The man could be more interesting than the theory though I imagine.


I’ve been meaning to read another Pynchon for a while. You’ve inspired me to take the plunge, and its on order.

Got 2666 to finish first though…


Oh, I’ve been meaning to check that out for a while. I don’t know a great deal about Roberto Bolano but I’m intrigued (partly because Savage Detectives is a beast title).

I got Look At Me by Jennifer Egan out the library today, so I’ll start reading that I reckin.


I finished Exit West. There is a real vagueness to the writing which is lovely in places but which gets a bit wearing by the end.

The concept is good though.


check out ‘a manual for cleaning women’ by lucia berlin if you like that lot


I’m glad to hear it wasn’t just me being churlish thinking that was a bag o’ shite