Book thread 2018 📚


Keep meaning to read this
Think I must’ve been banging on about octopuses a lot cos my gf bought me a poster of them for xmas


Currently reading


Currently reading Neoreaction A Basilisk, which iirc was actually funded initially by a kickstarter. It’s essentially another guide to the alt-right but primarily done by analysing the works of Nick Land, Curtis Yarvin and Eliezer Yudkowsky.

Definitely finding it preferable to Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normie’s which seemed to lay a lot of the “blame” for the alt-right at the feet of modern progressive movements. Whereas Sandiffer, suggests it has more to do certain perspectives on modern liberalism including neoliberalism which seems far more accurate.


Left my Kindle at home earlier this week, so grabbed the copy of Iain Banks ‘Stonemouth’ that my ex-boss had left hanging around the office.

Wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as one of the only two books of his I’d read was the weird af ‘Wasp Factory’, but really liked it.


Spent my Xmas book token today. TBR pile now at DEFCON 1

(Book token was the Gibson and Zweig. I had the rest of it to read already. But I still went and bought more books.)


Paper Girls Vol: 2
Lee Child - The Midnight Line
Donna Tartt - The Little Friend (reading)

Upcoming book club choices:


Love these images of books :grinning:


Would strongly advise checking out his sci-fi as Iain M Banks. It’s incredible


There’s a thread on the Waypoint games boards about books similar to Kentucky Route Zero, which has added about a billion books to my to-read list


Saw Mohsin Hamid at the literature festival earlier. was quite good
should I read any of his books?


Some nice lists here. @maggieloveshopey, many of those are on my longlist, would love a report on any of them.
@shucks, I’m about to read that Donna Tartt for my book club.

My list:

7.Gavin Mortimer - A History of Football in 100 Objects - good if you don’t know much about football or want validation that Man Utd are the most important team EVAH
6. Ramones - Ramones (33 1/3)
5. Fierce Reads - short stories from - more urban fantasy/YA stuff, but not bad
4. Some of the Best from 2016: SF short story compilation - pretty good
3. Michael Moorcock: The Warlord of the Air (decent steam punk/time travel SF from the 1970s)
2. Connie Willis: To Say Nothing of the Dog

  1. Various: London Noir


:smiley: Wait…are we in the same book club???


Are you an old Kiwi guy called Steve who’s always going on about science fiction, or a 20-something Irish guy called Paul?

Or wait…are you me? :smiley:



I think I’d like to be in a book club


Such a great thing to do.


I read Exit West recently.

It was OK.


I think it’d ideally be one based around just discussion of what you’ve been reading, rather than necessarily one with a set reading list. (i.e. this thread in flesh form).


I have been to Book Clubs like this and found that they turn into either boring people who only read shit but want to tell you everything about it, or boring pretentious people who read horrible difficult things (almost always 600+ pages) so they can win the pathetic dick measuring contest. In my experience, someone is always reading Brave New World.

The groups that read the same thing at least have a common starting point and are a bit more accessible and fun.

As always though, it’s more about the people than the reading list I suppose.


It is, but only when people actually read the book. :expressionless: