Book Thread Spin-off - The Funniest Books



Lots of Roth, but particularly Portnoy’s Complaint, Sabbath’s Theatre, The Anatomy Lesson and The Professor of Desire.

Vonnegut, as mentioned above. Slaughterhouse is my favourite but dunno if it’s the funniest; it’s been a few years so a lot of them blur into each other in my head now.

Hunter S. Thompson when he gets going, particularly in Campaign Trail '72.

Found much of The Master and Margarita very funny, and Catch 22 is also very good. Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis made me laugh a lot recently.

The actual undisputed funniest book I’ve read is:
The Sellout - Paul Beatty


Cat’s Cradle
Catch 22 (it was the scene where they try to synchronise their watches that tipped me over the edge)
Lots of Carl Hiassen and Christopher Brookmyre
And the first Pirates! book (In An adventure With Scientists), despite being aimed at kids, just tickled me throughout.

Also, the Alan Partridge audiobook


Great idea for a thread.

As above, Hiassen and Brookmyre are brilliant. Hiassen has some great set pieces. Brookmyre’s first 7-8 are hilarious too.

Hitchhikers Guide ‘trilogy’

Colin Bateman - Mystery Man and some of the follow ups are excellent.


yeah, brilliant


Just remembered, the TV Go Home book by Charlie Brooker is one of the funniest things ever written, I’m adding that to my list.


Yup - Another Vote for Catch 22. Great book.

Others that have made me dribble coffee down my chin with mirth:

Piece of Cake by Derek Robinson
Sword of Honour Trilogy by Evelyn Waugh
Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett (Probably others, haven’t read much by him)


I’ve not heard good things about the JPod show - is it any good?


War and Peace - OK it’s not laugh a minute but the observations of how people are idiots are quite regularly hilarious.


Anna Karenina (I almost wrote Karen Anenina) has a few genuinely funny bits too.

Also, someone mentioned Father Ted upthread. Arthur Matthews wrote a book called “Well Remembered Days”, which is supposed to be the autobiography of a demented Irish nationalist. It’s like a much darker Father Ted, and it’s an absolutely essential read for anyone who likes to enjoy things.


Jerome K Jerome’s Three Men in a Boat is still a hoot.

Anthony Buckeridge’s “Jennings” books are chucklesome also - if the idea of someone saying “corwumph!” makes you laugh.


didn’t find catch 22 funny at all. sorry everyone.


Yes it is!

And in a similar vein, Diary of a Nobody by George and Weedon Grossmith.


its watchable, but think if it wasn’t for the coupland connection I wouldn’t have watched until the end


Got this to read next after i abandon the Stewart Lee collection I’m reading. So… tomorrow


It’s dead good


Newer one is cracking too


Looking forward to it. As for the SL collection - there’s nothing like compiling all the columns he’s written, in order, to display how absolutely monomaniacal and repetitive he is.


I had this when I was younger. Absolutely fucking hilarious. Just a ridiculous book. Must see if I can find it when I’m home next.


Something Happened is a whole tundra of bleakness. I have read it three times. Each time it was worse than the last.

Skinny Legs And All by Tom Robbins, however, is hilarious, so that’s my contribution.


I don’t know how you managed that. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a book so depressing, that left me feeling so hopeless about my future prospects and life in general. I was expecting another intellectual slapstick like Catch 22.