Books by DiSers

who would you read a book by?

I’d totally read a book written by piecesofreece, his post about meeting his now wife was probably the longest post i ever enjoyed on the old site

(yeah this is basically a circlejerk thread)



This year’s must have perfume

Have any DiSers had books published?

(apart from the I AM AN OFFICE WORKER one)



A Weiss & Hickman style adventure by Marckee & Wza about a loosely bonded travelling band of aggregates having to defeat a soap distributor.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: The Definitive Answer by TheoGB


Was it colossalhorse who had a draft of a book and then lost it? That’s one of those things that I’ve read on dis and it comes to mind every so often. (Sorry to bring up bad memories.)

Housername did didn’t he? Something about Christmas.

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Unfortunately it looks like it is a documentary book:

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What’s Richard doing reading a christmas book in June?!?!?!

I imagine Richard might not be the quickest of readers.


Ah yeah. Good shout.

I think there are a few others, too, but I’m not sure whether they were fully-fledged DiSers or not.

Maybe this?