Books/comics/real life events etc you're surprised haven't been made into film/TV

I’m always really surprised by The Secret History. You’d have to play around with it a bit so it’s not just Richard’s POV, but it’s inherently very cinematic and a popular book. The whole ritual scene could be a great balance of intense and absurd. Would be ace as a limited series on Netflix or something like that. Can’t believe The Goldfinch of all things got adapted and The Secret History never has been.

Think this a lot about things so will probably come up with others later.

What do you reckon should be adapted for the screen?


Oooh good thread idea!

For ages I was amazed that no one had done a Y: The Last Man tv show but finally that appears to be happening. It’ll probably be shit though.

Other comic books that would make a good TV show would be DMZ and Transmetropolitan (albeit, needing a massive budget I guess)

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Would think HBO would be all over The Secret History.

Hmm, I think this a lot too. Oryx and Crake/Maddaddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood would make a great TV program. Enough for a few series there.

Edit: according to the world wide web, there is a Maddaddam TV series in development. Same for Paper Girls which was going to be my other suggestion.


Would love a Culture anthology too


American Tabloid would work well, I think.

I don’t know what’s happened to the adaptation of Kavalier and Clay, but that always struck me as something that could translate into a series well.

The first book of the Gentlemen Bastards series would be good fun (The Lies Of Locke Lamora), but I’m not sure about the other books.


Amazon were going to do one, but it got cancelled. Looks like estate changed their minds. Maybe someone else will give it a go some time.

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Black Sails showed you can do pirates well, so the 2nd book could have a shot at being decent.

I’m a bit surprised no one has adapted books like Pattern Recognition and Spook Country by William Gibson. They come with the authors fan base, fit into the Homeland type thriller market and won’t need the sort of budget his earlier work would require.

Yiddish Policeman’s Union film could be good, apparently the Coens were gonna make one but it got scrapped

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Carter Beats the Devil - thought that would’ve 100% been a film by now. Be curious to know why it hasn’t really, considering it’s generally such a well-loved book

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Lord & Miller were being lined up for it about a decade ago, but nothing seems to have happened with it.

That’s really strange, I wonder whether it’s actually a bit of a nightmare to put together :thinking:

Honestly don’t think Y: The Last Man will make a great show. The concept seems a bit hokey and also-ran in the world of TV, even in comics it’s hardly groundbreaking. It’s the name and talent of Vaughan and Guerra that made the comic a hit. The writing is quite dated now as well imo. Making comic about a world without men where a man is the main character is a weird choice in this day and age, if it were me adapting I’d just cut Yorrick out completely and just have Ampersand as the only known living male. A world without men is an interesting concept, but a very early 00s slacker white guy protagonist isn’t.

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Big ones for me:

  • The Savage Detectives
  • Lanark
  • Middlesex

Also shocked there hasn’t been another attempt at League of Extraordinary Gentleman considering that cinematic universes are so popular.

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I would say supercrooks but apparently there’s an anime in the works

Still think a live action one-off film with decent special effects would be a big hit tho’.

Dan Simmons’ Hyperion books would be a nice piece of expensive SF TV if we’re not getting a Culture series, as would Saga.

Black Monday Murders could be an excellent TV show, especially if it ever gets finished.

Stefan Zweig’s Beware Of Pity could do nicely in a Sunday evening period drama slot, maybe also Somerset Maugham’s Razor’s Edge

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i’d have loved this

I’m not surprised per se, but just thinking about how well books with multiple chapters from diff POVs could work as an anthology series - so something like A Visit from the Good Squad, where each character gets their own ep. Would fit pretty neatly

Actually, Egan’s Manhattan would make a pretty grand historical drama film you’d think, lots of good setting material to work with there

edit - ignore me, it’s Poor Things