Books that you've not read lately



what books have you not read lately?


Started What We Talk About When We Talk About Love but I couldn’t be arsed with it, not in the right mind-frame for it so I’ll go back to it at some other point.


one of my favourites


currently reading paul auster’s “the brooklyn follies” buuuuuut i dunno about it/him tbh


I tried the new york trilogy and couldn’t be doing with it at all.


That one.

and that other one.


Was one of the less enjoyable of his iirc. Loved New York Trilogy and Leviathan though


i finished it but was a bit underwhelmed by it t.b.h. thought i’d give him one more crack though.


Have you tried the graphic novel of City of Glass? Works really well in this format imo.


A friend foisted that new Harry Potter book on me and i have not read it.


it got to some bit really early on with some weird guy talking all strange, and I was like, nah, come on, I’m a clever person with no time to waste.

so I set it aside to gather dust.


Every single book I got for Christmas… Also recent purchases of a A Very Short Introduction : Dreams, A Very Short Introduction : Design and A Very Short Introduction : Science Fiction all remain untouched.


Got 100 or so pages into Illuminatus! then gave up and moved to Roald Dahl.

Weird might as well be fun too.


‘The Order Of The Death’s Head: The Story Of Hitler’s SS’. Way too grim. Gave up a hundred or so pages in,


I continue to fail to read Infinite Jest

Reckon I got to page 40 last month before sacking it


I only got through ‘Infinite Jest’ when I lost my glasses on a holiday and had to sit in my room and read it that rather than walk anywhere or do anything. So you could do that zxcvbnn.


Got ‘On The Road’ lying about a quarter read. Started it last year then sacked it off to read something else, then tried again this year whilst waiting on something else to arrive.

Just can’t be arsed with it at all :pensive:


I couldn’t get much out of On the Road either - too rambling.

How far has anybody made it through Ulysses? I think I managed about 12 pages before I realised I hadn’t taken more than about five words.


You need a study guide or something to get the most out of it - bit of a pain but worthwhile as once you get a grip on what he’s doing with the different sections it’s brilliant and you’ll understand the hype.

Basically you want something that expands on this chapter schema Joyce sent to his mate to help him read it


Wow, thanks. Thing is, I do really like the Odyssey so having something which helps me relate it to that (which this looks like) will be really useful.