Books that you've read lately

Finished Before The Fall by Noah Hawley off of TV’s Fargo the other day.

Was alright, centred around a plane crash with chapters on each of the victims on how they ended up being on the plane and that. Think it had some delusions of grandeur about the coincidental nature of it all but I enjoyed it.

Just started Irma Voth by Miriam Toews, will be a reliable Miriam Toews book from what I’ve read so far.

How about you?

i have been terrible at reading this year, think i’ve read like 3 books? awful.

last night i finished the sculptor by scott mccloud. it’s a beautiful graphic novel. highly recommended.

Read Out-Run by Amy Liptrot in the run up to a trip to Orkney next week. Very good.

I am currently about 74% through Neal Stephenson’s Quicksilver. It’s a long-ish book but I have very little reading time in my week (estimate another 4-5 weeks to finish it :fearful:).

What I can say is that the writing is excellent but I still have absolutely no idea if the book has a point that it’s driving towards. Not sure I can imagine reading the next books in the cycle any time soon.

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Just finished The Way of the Runner by Adharanand Finn. It was okay but didnt inspire me to go running as much as i’d hoped.

Been attempting to read a book every week this year. Not gone too badly, but I’m about three weeks behind at the moment.

Got the last few pages of Charles D’Ambrosio’s Loitering left to finish. Really fascinating collection of essays, even if several do edge into pretentious meandering at times. Additionally my version has the edges cut into a zig zag shape when looking from above, so the page edges are slightly torn. Makes page turning incredibly satisfying.

I tend to read a lot over the summer as I have a lengthy commute (and it’s too light to sleep on the way into work).

So far I’ve read the first to books in The Invisible Library series (which have been really good) and have also enjoyed the first two books in the Mangle Street Murders series (knock off Sherlock holmes novels). I’m making my way through the complete works of H.P. Lovecraft. At the moment though I’m reading kuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage by Haruki Murakami.

I’ve had Temeraire by Naomi Novik sat two-thirds read on my mantelpiece for at least a year. Reading’s gone all out the window, but I really should try an hour each night to unwind. It’s a typical fantasy novel, set in the Napoleonic Wars, plus dragons. I’m a sucker for that kinda stuff aha. Must try and find my Mistborn trilogy… Despite the batshit bonkers last chapter, that was a brilliant read.

been reading Turtle Face and Beyond by Arthur Bradford. collection of weird short stories, mainly about people getting injured. first one’s about a guy diving into a lake and smashing his face open on a turtle. enjoying it

Just finished I Capture the Castle by Dodi Smith. I know it’s like a rites of passage books for precocious 15 year old girls, but I thought it was absolutely amazing.

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Independent People by Halldór Laxness. Terrific stuff.

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Currently working my way through Ben aaronovitch’s books. Love them so much.

Just finished Lolita. Obviously quite uncomfortable at parts but found a lot of it to be really funny and from the way it’s written it’s easy to see why it’s held in such esteem. Incredible piece of work.

Currently reading Into Thin Air by John Krakauer and I’m finding it very hard to put down. Read half the book in 3 nights, that’s very fast for me.

Been reading the same book for ages now ‘the story of the Jews’ finding it hard going tbh. Think I should ditch it for now and start something else

I gave up on Gravity’s Rainbow, cba and I’d run out of Kleenex

now reading Presumed Innocent

Can’t work out if you’re saying it was too sad or too full of erotic scenes.

I like reading books that became films actually. Quite interesting to see how things were altered.

Read this earlier this year, think it’s the first time I’ve glimpsed the full capabilities of prose. There’s a great story Nick Cave tells about his dad sitting him down when he was a kid and reading him the first Chapter to show him what literature should be like.

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Reading Pale Fire rn
it’s great


There is a line very early on when he says his mother died in a tragic accident (picnic, lightning), and I was in love from them on. Did my dissertation on Nabokov, he’s the greatest.

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Im on A Little Life and it’s able to get harrowing.