Books that you've read lately



That play sounds good. I re-read New York Trilogy last year (or thereabouts). Keep meaning to expand on my reading of Auster; I've only read that and 'The Book of Illusions'.


Bought revenge on a whim, it's on the ever growing pile


Tenth of December by George Saunders.
Nice one, George. Very good. Not sure which my favourite story was. Possibly Victory Lap, The Semplica Girl Diaries (it's probably this isn't it?), My Chivalric Fiasco, the last eponymous story. They were all damn good though.
Going to have to read his new one soon.

Got the second Ferrante Neopolitan book, The Story of a New Name, and The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner out today.


i like auster but all his books are the same

the first six or so anyway, stopped after that. in the country of last things is the only one other than new york trilogy that i have a firm memory of. the rest are just a woolly sensation of austeriness.


I read one about a boy who can fly. I think it was Mr Fantastic.

It didn't really go anywhere.


I've read about 4-5 Auster books. And I liked them at the time, very clever, very well written...but I am in no rush to read any more.


Memoir from Antproof Case by Mark Helprin. Gash.


Did you finish it? Bout the same way into it and i'm enjoying it except for the alternating chapters thing. Really hate it when novels do that


Nah, I gave up not long after that post. Didn't care about any of the characters or the story and found the reference to (non?)gender every other sentence a bit hamfisted, which is a shame because it's a good concept. Glad yer enjoying it though!


I'm really enjoying the story strand on the ice planet. The other one is very convoluted though and tge gender thing is hard to wrap your head around (says a couple of cisgendered white blokes).

Dont mind the po-facedness of it at all. Feel like it could veer dangerously close to battlestar galactica with its central concept if it's not careful.


Black Chalk is terrible - ticks every rubbish student and university stereotype and loses focus quite early on whether it's a mystery, thriller or some kind of bullshit romance. It also thinks it's ridiculously clever and sinister without backing up those claims.


I thought The Martian was great so looking forward to Andy Weir's new one at the end of the year


I LOVE Sci fi that gets its teeth into gender stuff, James Tiptree Jr for life, but I could barely finish ancillary justice. On paper should have been my favourite novel but I found it stodgy and uninvolving


what's the best place to get public domain ebooks?


Great description! All the characters seemed humorless. Which can be fine of course. I suppose I like it when I feel like a sci fi author is having fun with their universe and this never felt that way.


If you haven't already done so track down a copy of 'A long way to a small angry planet' by Becky Chambers. The BEST having-fun-with-their-universe sci-fi I've read in years. Imagine 'Firefly' crossed with Ian M Banks. Or something. Just read it. It's great.


This is the most ringing endorsement imaginable. It's now next on my list.
Still really enjoying The Gone Away World.


The exact opposite of what you said


Thanks to epimer for his review of Freedom up there, I think I'll not bother with the rest of it


Mr Vertigo.

All Austers books are fantastic.....and not the same at all.