Books that you've read lately



Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow - Yuval Noah Harari: Quite liked this, very readable for what is essentially a book about how fucked we all are when we inevitably obsolete ourselves as a species in the next couple of decades. A shitload of hypotheticals for a “non-fiction” book but I don’t mind that. I thought this was interesting and thought-provoking and good.






Project Gutenberg?


i tried a couple from there and the formatting was all tae fuck


Well you get what you pay for!!





I finished Sapiens a few weeks ago, although the last pages were about the future (which is kind of annoying for a book that is supposed to be about a species’ past).


You should ask for a refund IMO


Does The Idiot stop being about several guys falling for Natasha?


I bought it in Oxfam, yet another evil corporation ripping us all off.




I flipped to a random page of that in a shop saw a subtitle along the lines of ‘humans are an algorithm’. is it all as good as that?


That’s basically the fundamental thing about the whole book in fairness.

It’s basically about how what we consider to be our emotional responses to things are increasingly able to be broken down into algorithmic forms via the research that’s being done and therefore, will soon be controllable or changeable or whatever.


About halfway through William Gibson - Neuromancer—can’t believe I hadn’t read this before now. It’s tremendous.


Just binged through the Three-Body Problem trilogy over the past three weeks. Enjoyed them quite a bit, lots of page-turning appeal to it, although sometimes the characters and their decisions (or humanity’s decisions) didn’t quite seem believable. Plus, by the end of it, my brain was just about having enough of one ‘out there’ idea after another.


There’s a lot of love for these books out there but I couldn’t get over the WHY THE HELL WOULD ANYONE DO THAT?!?Ness of them


cash by johnny cash

was a bit of a mixed bag, not in any chronological order. the opening of each section is a slice of life thing with him talking about how the tour he’s on is going or what his garden in jamaica is like, which i really enjoyed, then he meanders off into telling stories.

the stuff about his early life being poor & picking cotton as america struggles out of the depression is really interesting, & his first forays into the big town as a musician was cool. takes a dip as soon as he starts his amphetamine addiction cause he’s dead ashamed of it and just talks about jesus instead. interest proper tailed off towards the end as he stops talking about himself and rattles on about meeting country music people i don’t know or don’t care about.

he seems like a high minded and decent guy though.

one time he released an album called Chicken In Black and did a music video where he’s played by a chicken cause he wanted out of a restrictive record contract.


underground railroad by colson whitehead

escaped slave girl travels in search of freedom on literal railroad underground through history of slavery and black oppression in america.

i really didn’t connect with this at all, i’m not advocating for misery porn but given the subject matter this went too far in the other direction, the prose is incredibly passive and matter of fact, there’s a nonchalance to horrible, horrible things happening, a weird distance between the story and how the author tells it, or something. really clashes with the more fantastical genre elements as well.

proper lack of characterisation too. i was emotionally invested a few times but only because of how terrible things got & in reminding myself that it genuinely happened to real people, he describes the physical appearance of everyone that pops up but they’re completely forgettable as characters, even the protagonist and villain are ciphers. i understand this is an allegorical book but it doesn’t stop you chucking some recognisable humanity in there colson mate.

idk, obviously america is in a place with race relations at the moment & black people & americans are gonna get miles more out of this, but i don’t get why it’s winning loads of awards or acclaim.