Books that you've read lately



Get where you're coming from. I kinda loved that whole element though - humans are pretty irrational and the emotive decision-making felt very real to me.


I'm reading his 'Zone One' at the moment and have similar problems with it. The clipped, matter-of-fact prose style makes it feel like it was written by a sociopath. It sort of works in a post-apocalyptic setting, but can see how it would be very jarring for real-world scenarios.


aye? after i wrote that i was wondering if he was making some sort of meta point about how some white people try to remove emotional responses to the history of slavery/oppression in america, like "it was so long ago, how does it affect you?".

miles too much benefit of the doubt probably. i picked this up cause i saw two or three reviews compare his stuff to david foster wallace, that's completely bizarre to me. he doesn't seem to have much connection to humanity.


Anybody read Jon McGregor's latest (Reservoir 13)? His three preceding novels (plus the short story anthology) have been both incredibly enjoyable and important to me at particular points of my life. I want to finish a few books I've got on-the-go before I tackle it, as I know it'll totally consume me


Nothing like DFW except being a well-read white guy, it seems to me. Just like Franzen/Eggers. Lazy comparisons! Although my comparison to DeLillo was entirely warranted...


Pretty sure he's a black fella with dreads and everything... but aye, bunch of people seem to think Wallace was special cause he Done Good Sentences.


I finished a Prayer for Owen Meany last week - really enjoyed it, such a weird book, but really engaging/interesting and beautifully written. The ending made me proper sad though

Also made me think of this Lagwagon song:


was so crushed by the opening flashback chapter that i put it down and haven't got round to picking it back up again. loved the writing, though, will definitely be giving it another go when i have the time


It's hands down my favourite book of all time. Just the most beautiful, funny, and sad depiction of friendship.


Oh shit he is as well. My bad—must have had him mixed up with someone else.
I'd argue DFW was something special, though!



oh me too, i worded poorly. just meant that sexy prose isn't enough to compare other authors to wallace if there's none of the morality or insight on humanity/all that lovely stuff.

especially eggers. naaaah to that man.


I've started The Dark Tower series. I have to say I'm enjoying it so far. The Gunslinger seems like my kind of anti-hero.


Dragonfish by Vu Tan.

The blurb said it was neo noir with themes of loss and migration.

The novel itself was shit and it did nothing more than treat those weighty themes with superficial bullshit.


Thanks for the tip! Next on my list


The first half of the series are the best for me. And the one that goes back to his childhood is great. A self contained story, and explains a lot of his childhood, friends etc. The latter ones could have done with some editing IMO, but you keep reading to find out what happens.


Bought the end we start from, a book that I guess was inspired by the road but about a woman and newborn in a flooded london. Very quick read but I liked it!


Looking for a recommendation if possible! Just finished In The Woods by Tana French, very enjoyable. Any similar recommendations


Finished re-reading Inherent Vice and have started re-reading The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton. I was thinking of possibly picking up 100 Years Of Solitude at some point in the near future – it seems like it’d be up my street, and it was on the Guardian’s Reading List thing, so I’d have loads of cool articles to read upon completion (this was the catalyst for me finally getting to The Master and Margarita and White Noise).


Finally finished Ancillary Justice. Liked it overall and would recommend it if you like ‘serious scifi’ but it could be pretty hard work at times and takes getting your head round it a bit.

Not sure what to read next…


Was gonna read ursula le guin’s earthsea stuff but didnt realise it was like young adult fiction. Anyone read it? Is it good etc