Books that you've read lately



My Mrs got a book club membership for her birthday so just been scooping up them as she finishes them.

Excellent. Like a London version of Working… by Studs Terkel. Will be great to revisit in 20 years time.

About the last days of an Icelandic woman sentenced to death for murder. Decent.


Listened to this just now, loved how long it took to pluck up the courage to ask!


The TV loved Burial Rites - we did a pilgrimage to key sites during our last Iceland hoilday.


I would have enjoyed it more had I not read it in so many sittings on the tube I reckon. I never got immersed enough in it. She’s a great writer.


Great book! Felt like the sort of thing Cormac McCarthy might have written if he’d grown up in the north of England. The cover is also ace. Hadn’t read any of his stuff before but immediately bought Beastings and Pig Iron afterwards as they were cheap on the old kindle. Intending on reading them fairly soon.


Took a break from Dark Money to read Seven Brief Lessons On Physics, useful as a guide to some of the elementary lessons underpinning a lot of modern research but quite interesting in terms of giving you a new lens to view the world by. Like iamwiggy said I think you could genuinely recommend this to anyone.


i just finished 10:04 and really enjoyed it. just started here i am by safran foer. so far it’s just made me sad, but i reckon it could get quite funny.


Ploughing my way through Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenence at the moment. Finding it a bit of a chore - imagine if I’d read it while I was doing a level philosophy it would have been great but feels a bit like a collection of Wikipedia articles strung together with landscape descriptions. Interesting to revisit some of the concepts but absolutely no fun at all.


Have you read Newton and the Counterfeiter?


Just read the couple next door, it was super trashy and awful


Well I’m very heavily in based on that description. Been looking for a British McCarthy for a long time.

This cover?


Neil Stephenson riffed on this in The System of the World (albeit in a decidedly more fictional manner).


I was going to lead onto that. I love the system of the world.


That’s the one! The cover was what initially grabbed my attention, then the description sounded great so I took a punt. Hadn’t even heard of Benjamin Myers before that. Definitely worth a read if you like stark, brutal, but poetic prose about grizzled men undertaking violent deeds.


Great trilogy :smiley:


Described many of my favourite novels beautifully. Reserved it from the library—some other fucker has it until the 20th and then it is MINE


It’s really good. Thought it was his first! Will have to check out the rest.


I have not. Looks interesting.


It’s a nice looking book too


Yesterday’s charity shop purchase #1.