Books that you've read lately



Keep meaning to go on there! Should I?

i.e. As a user I mean, I do browse there to read user reviews and such


i don’t have many friends on it but it’s nice to see what they’re reading, have also found it pretty useful for recommending stuff and it’s neat how it syncs with the kindle


Finished ‘The Damned United’ by David Peace. Was a really great book, far better than the film. Need to read the rest of the Red Riding books but they’re not on kindle ffs! Get it together, publishers


Read the vorrh by Brian Catling and Perdido Street station by mieville recently. Both really good. Know the mieville one is part of a trilogy and so is the vorrh actually but not all of those are out yet. Don’t think I’ve read anything in trilogy’s or sagas actually.

Anyway, both similar to an extent. Both pretty violent, fantasy-ish. Yup


I enjoyed those books. Not read the second Vorrh book yet, bit it’s been out for a little while. Not sure if PSS is part of a trilogy as such- The Scar is set on the same world, but isnt related otherwise in terms of setting or story (is good though so highly recommended if you enjoyed PSS). No idea what the third one is- if you know, let me know!


Third one is called Iron Council and is, for my money, far weaker than the other two.


Noticed a hard cover copy of the second Catling book. Is it out in paperback do you know? Most reading done on commute so can’t be doing hardcover for that.


I’ll send you a link…


I think it’s quite good to see what people you know are reading.


Ah, that’s a shame. Will stick it on the list, but won’t prioritise it.


Only seen it in hardback. Don’t think it’s been out that long.


I spend much more time on there than I ever thought possible when I signed up. It’s the best!


leaving the atocha station was great. kept waiting for him to do something really nuts though.


i read this. i never felt like i knew what was going on.


The Scar has a very slight overlap with Perdido St Station, if I remember right - one of the characters in the Scar mentions knowing characters from PSS. Iron Council is set in the same world but with different characters again (I think that a minor character in PSS is mentioned in Iron Council, but can’t remember). It’s worth a read but weaker than the other two.


I use it, but don’t update it. I agree, books I love (Secret History, The Gone Away World) are also loved by friends who I know and trust their opinion on…so you can kind of guess if they like others you haven’t read they will be good.


the ragged trousered philanthropists by robert tressell

very long, sort of budget dickensian novel about working conditions in victorian/edwardian era. really just an excuse for a series of sermons about the need for socialism. can’t argue with that tbf. probably wouldn’t have persevered if not for being gifted it by this really lovely & bright old fella at work named dave, (who incidentally i found out was an apprentice for the same company my grandad worked for in the late 60s, which probably excites me more than it does you.)

in the lead up to the election he was canvassing the site for people to vote labour - talked to him about politics and he’s a genuine self-described trotskyist, don’t think i’ve ever met one in the wild before. i told him i was pretty left wing & he gave me this to read. felt sort of duty bound to, bit of a slog though.


Your intuition seems to have been on the money tbh:


aye, her framing trans activists attempting to no-platform greer as some ridiculous extreme left in-fighting in the book was probably the source of that. 'cause even i know greer is a fucking massive transphobe.

i followed nagle on twitter since reading the book and found her really objectionable, it was probably all there in kill all normies but gave her too much benefit of the doubt…


I finished LA Confidential. It is different from the film version.

It is better than The Big Nowhere but is still heavy on the racism and sexism and violence. It feels like it was written much earlier than the 80s.

It still doesn’t convince me that Ellroy deserves to be mentioned in the same context as Chandler.