Books that you've read lately



I think it’s already been mentioned in this thread but I finished reading Ghosts of my Life by Mark Fisher, probably one of the best books I’ve read all year kind of felt like it summed up a lot of what I was trying to say about music for the past few years. Found the experience of reading it slightly bittersweet though.

Not really reading one thing consistently at the moment, sort of reading The Book of Five Rings sort of reading the collected writings of the CCRU who were the multi disciplinary collective Fisher was a part of back in late 90s. It’s a bit all over the place, but I do kind of feel like they cottoned onto something regarding the way they interpret reality/fiction.


Have you read Lincoln in the Bardo too? Heard so many good things about both of those books


Back on His Dark Materials after reading Phil P.'s new one. massive nostalgia trip, but they’re also really bloody excellent books. I don’t know how I understood them when I was a kid, though. I must have been very smart.


Had a few days off this week and read 'the scar" by Mieville and ‘the erstwhile’ by Catling. Enjoyed the scar, probably a little moreso than Perdido Street Station. It’s either a little less ‘futurama’-ish or am more used to the the more alien characters of the first.

As for the erstwhile, really loved that. Annoyed that still a while til the third. So, so good. Also read that Catling/Iain Sinclair book on Strange Attractor, Catling’s part on that was also good.

I’ve managed to find the Gormenghast trilogy in various charity shops recently. Recommended?


Preferred The Scar too, although enjoyed both.

Nice to have feedback from someone that’s read the erstwhile :smiley: keep meaning to pick it up, as I loved the vorrh, but not got round to it yet…


managed to find the Gormenghast trilogy in various charity shops recently. Recommended?

Oh HELL yes. Best world description ever. Amazing characters. So much life and decay and… Everything.


Ooooh, this intrigues me. Gormenghast has been on my radar for a good while; I have these memories of seeing a documentary or something where they either used footage from an old TV adaptation or had filmed their own little segments of the narrative… and it’s stuck with me how strange that world seemed.

Maybe I should finally look into it.


You will not regret it.

I’m really jealous of you getting to experience it all for the first time! It is slow, but enjoy the slow pace, the extraordinary characters and the castle itself.


Slow tends to be good for me! Also, looking up Mervyn Peake has revealed that his grandson is Jack Penate. I’m not entirely sure that I haven’t already been surprised by that revelation in the past.


For sake of balance: I found the first one a bit too gothic and swampy*. I remember enjoying the TV adaptation but the novel didn’t click and I didn’t enjoy it that much.

I haven’t read the other two.

*I feel this way about a lot of gothic fiction and I know I’m not target audience.


Mervyn Peake was a pretty great artist too! The drawings he did when he had dementia are so sad and affecting. But yeah, very much agree about Gormenghast.


Finished City of Mirrors by Justin Cronin. Last part of what ended up being a massive trilogy. Very enjoyable vampire post apocalyptic, creating a new world kind of stuff. This last instalment tied a few things up. Very like Stephen King in parts.


I love that trilogy so much. The first one is probably my second favourite post-apocalypse novel after The Stand.


Love mervyn peake’s art too! This is his ancient mariner…


I meant to get his illustrated version a long time ago but I seem to remember it being hard to come by or something? It’s mesmerising, isn’t it? Just like the Gormenghast covers. Also sorta reminds me of this:

which was/is in the National Portrait Gallery.


I really like the trilogy, but I wasn’t sure about the ending of City Of Mirrors. All the good guys die, turn into virals or go senile, but the big villain gets to live happily ever after with someone else’s wife? Nah.


After having started it in January (and read two other books in between) I’ve finally finished Infinite Jest. Like nothing else I’ve read, it’s quite something. Not much of a coherent plot as such but it’s all just so enjoyable to read that it doesn’t really matter. Feel like I need to read stuff about it to properly digest how everything fits together.
I assume that bit at the start where Halcan’t talk is after he’s taken the super strong drugs we assume he’ll probably take after the last time we see him? Or is it just all the withdrawal? Any ideas?

Any suggestions on articles etc that set it out chronologically?


So @TKC is being an absolute boss and sending me his copy of Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy since he’s finished with it. Thought I’d pass it forward so if anyone wants it after I’m done then just reply or PM me and I’ll get it to you.

DiS book exchange woo!


I finished American Pastoral last night. Quite enjoyed the first 300 pages or so but kind of felt like he ran out of stuff to write about and so stuffed a new novel in at the end.

I sort of feel like I missed something obvious because it really didn’t hang together the way a Pulitzer Prize novel by those authors you Should Have Read should do.


I read that last year and really disliked it. It just dragged along and was just a slog to finish it. I’ve read another novel of his which I enjoyed, but I was just pleased to finish American Pastoral so that I could stop reading it.