Books you studied for GCSE English

I know there’ll be lots of duplicates here but fire away.

We did To Kill a Mockingbird, the Shakespeare was Romeo and Juliet (absolutely brilliant timing as we went to see the film as a school trip), and I remember studying Of Mice and Men too but maybe this wasn’t for GCSE.

A level was Aphra Benn’s The Rover, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and I forget the other.

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Merchant of Venice. We did Of Mice and Men but have a feeling it wasn’t for GCSE, however I have no idea what else we did in that case…

We did Merchant of Venice much earlier than GCSE, first year I think, thought it was so boring except the flesh, obviously.

We did the Terrible ‘Lord of the Flies’. Who’d have thunk a society comprised of privately educated boys would turn sour?

Also did of mice and men. The teacher once gave me a dressing down in front of the class because I said the American Dream was a lie. Bet she feels bad about that now, eh.

For plays we did Macbeth. The porter is the best character

Poetry was mildly better except when they made us do Heaney.

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Of Mice & Men, Lord of the Flies, King Lear, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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That book about the irish potato famine, some shakespeare, book of poems, of mice and men, summat else.

Of Mice and Men, The Glass Menagerie, some Ian McEwan piece of shit

We went to see Of Mice and Men on stage in London, Matthew Kelly was in it and it must have been his return to the public after the allegations. Kids from another school that were there threw sweets at him and they had to start the play again.

I did English Lit at Alevel but can’t remember what I did, maybe the Glass Menagerie was then, who knows, who cares

Enduring Love and Birdsong

I care @AQOS

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From memory…
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Of Mice And Men
Animal Farm

Jane Eyre
Romeo And Juliet
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

I’m sure I’ve missed a load though, can’t fucking remember anymore.

A levels was way better. Catcher in the Rye, the Stranger, the Butcher Boy, the Great Gatsby. Loads of Friel and I wrote an essay on post colonialism in the Tempest

Merchant of Venice, Pygmalion, Anthony and Cleopatra, The Spire, Othello

Might be some A Level thrown in there though

Lord of the Flies and maybe Flowers for Algernon. Maybe a Midsummers’ Nights Dream.

Can’t really remember what was GCSE and what were books we just read when I was a bit younger

I remember doing

Cuckoo’s nest
Catcher in the Rye
Inspector calls

My sister did Less Than Zero at one point at secondary school - seems utterly bizarre now. Maybe I imagined it and she just had the book

I remember doing the french lieutenant’s women but think that was A Level

We did Empire of the Sun at one point, which I remember finding painfully dull at the time. Not sure I even finished it, think I ended up just skipping to the last chapter so I could put something about it in the essay I had to write.

I remember we read the Merchant of Venice and A View From the Bridge - plays we’re generally better I found because we read them out as a class.

I remember films we did most, probably because they were most fun - Star Wars, Last of the Mohicans and Terminator 2 were those ones.

I am too old to have studied films

Oh, also the Crucible

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, which I now remember fondly but at the time found pretty impenetrable

I am wracking my brain and I can’t remember!
Got an A* though :nerd_face:

For A level we did The Handmaid’s Tale and Othello.
Can’t remember what else.
Bloody hell my memory is terrible.

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