Books you studied for GCSE English

Got 90/90 from my essay about Margaret Atwood’s “Alias Grace” in A-Level English Lit. 1-0 Jordansugar


Think we did some Voltaire actually which was good.

Ohh remember falling asleep to Endymion

Really can’t remember which was GCSE and A level, but they included:

The Way of the World
The Winter’s Tale
The Color Purple
Songs of Innocence and Experience
Canterbury Tale intro
A Handmaid’s Tale
Lord of the Flies

Oh yeah! That was one of our GCSE ones.

GCSE English not GCSE French!

I am le desole

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Oh yeah also did The Tempest and Songs of Innocence and Experience and Canterbury Tales but I can’t remember when.

Of mice and men, othello which i liked because othello is black and before then i genuinely thought black people didnt exist in england in Shakespearean times, some other stuff that i can’t remember. In a levels we did the sherlock holmes stories which was great because I’d read them for fun so many times by then, and henry v which was boring. Other stuff too but my memory is awful

When i did gcse english tutoring i had to learn about all the bloody books, now an inspector calls, of mice and men and jekyll and hyde are all one blob of a story in my head

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Going to go into my MA as well, why not:

The Outrun
The Peregrine
Star Factory
Road to Wigan Pier

Fuck, I can’t remember and I only graduated last summer!

Ah yes, the Color Purple was on my A level too. I really didn’t like it.

Of Mice & Men and Macbeth.

I liked it, but conversely really didn’t like Handmaid’s Tale for some reason.

Also with the memory thing.

We did…

Captain Corellis Mandolin
The Winters Tale
A Tale of Two Cities
Keats’ poetry

I really liked Handmaid’s Tale when we did it at A Level, to the point where I went to an elective symposium about it

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I think having to write an extended essay about metaphors/similes in it did me in

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English lit is all a bit of a blur as to when we did what but definitely An Inspector Calls and Romeo and Juliet for gcse.
Also vividly remember the poetry anthology covering Simon Armitage and Carole Anne Duffy

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Gotta say even though I did very well in English, tearing books apart in the way they make you do pretty much put me off reading for a good few years.


Of Mice and Men
Romeo and Juliet
The Hound of the Baskervilles
The Crucible

We also did coursework on the film Gladiator and had to watch the first scenes a lot, but also in year 10 I went round to a fit boy’s house and one of the few films he had was Gladiator so he put it on while we snogged. After watching the first 10 minutes like 15 times I only saw the rest of the film in my twenties. Ahh teenage snogging.

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King Lear at GCSE is pretty grim!

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