Boom boom boom, let me hear you say Wednesday

Morning everybody. Up slightly earlier than usual for a meeting. How is everybody? Got much going on? Hump day isn’t it? Doing any humping?



Am I still listening to the new Slipknot on repeat? I am. Solway Firth is such an enormous track

On a train to London - only left 25 minutes ago but it’s already delayed :hugs:

Not a bad place to stop tho


Aahh, lovely wide armed Jesus


I’m up slightly later than usual. Think I sleep heavier when it’s almost a full moon, I will track this theory and report back in 12 months.


Hi. Day off today, cat woke me up at 6am so that’s nice. Sounds like it’s blowing a fucking hoolie outside so might just stay in bed.


Up since five. Exam at half-two. #pray4geesey


Good luck!



Last night, a car crashed into one of the garden walls on my street and flipped over. Luckily no-one was hurt [only one passenger and he tried to leg it] but it’s the second time this has happened on that road in 3 months because we get so many terrible drivers down here.

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Good morn wednesdayers. Having some granola and coffee. Think i’m fighting off getting ill ffs, and on my week off! Gonna do some exercise and try to sweat it out.

Up at 5:30 as per usual. Slept terribly with lots of waking dreams where thought I’d fallen asleep holding the baby and panicking as a result. WFH though and going climbing this evening so it’s not all gloom.


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Morning all :wave: Slept badly and cba but going to see Once Upon a Time In Hollywood tonight at the Everyman, so am looking forward to that. Will probably fall asleep on their lovely sofas though :zzz:


Thanks @anon3515918 and @anon19035908! I’m sure I’ll smash it!*

*Scrape a pass.

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The group winners look fairly nailed on but there are only a few votes in the runner-up placings on some, for those that care about their herbs and spices

You get 2 votes in each group

Do you know if its one of the 35mm screenings? Sounds fun either way, gotta see something there eventually

Morning all. Woke up to discover I’m in the dog house.
Turns out dream Uncleretro had been openly cheating on the wife and she’s not impressed with that sort of thing. :pensive:

On the work side of things have my first day of training in my new job.
I started in February.


had a bad nights sleep due to dreams


Dreams about boats symbolize your capacity to deal with your emotions and express them as well
To dream that you are locking doors, suggests that you are closing yourself off from others. You are hesitant in letting others in and revealing your feelings. It is indicative of some fear and low self-worth.

Cheers, dream me :roll_eyes:

going to see oval tonight :slight_smile: