Fellow old chap checking in. Loved Boon. Even though it was probably shite. But then I was about 12. See also Dempsey and Makepeace. (first crush was Makepeace)


The building at 1.09 ish in that trailer is Scala Cinema in Ilkeston.


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I see what you’ve done here now.

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Just remembered this ‘classic’ which the Boon cast seemed to have made during their lunch breaks back in 1990. I particularly remember the dream scene where Neil Morrissey’s character has a dump and then the turd starts talking to him before leaping out of the toilet into his mouth.

Geoff Hoon

  • Boon, boon, boon, everybody say wayo
  • Boon, boon, boon, I’ve got you in my room.

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A true classic

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Good work folks

You’ll find that I petulantly locked it after just a few minutes. It’s too good for you people.