Boosted your productivity recently?

I’ve just noticed that to exit my work building I don’t actually have to press the ‘Press To Exit’ button to release the door! It just opens! Literally a second saved every day from now on. :smile:

Now you

Unless the receptionist has started doing it for me from behind the magic desk? :open_mouth:

Found out that there’s a power button on my laptop dock that I can use instead of lifting up the lid and pressing that. Incalculable efficiency gain.

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Brilliant news.

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can you use it without lifting the lid up?

Yeah, it’s docked.

oh right. I guess I should have read your post properly before trying to be a smartarse

I wouldn’t bother tbh, they’re mostly rubbish jokes about perceived ambiguities in someone else’s post.


If I drink less water each day, I pee less, saving all them pee hours


Don’t have to say or type dots before the @ in my Gmail email address which has saved literally seconds

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That’s using your thinkbox

Brush my teeth 14 times in a row when I’ve got nothing else to do on Sunday evenings then I can forget about it for a week