• The greatest chocolate bar

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I’d eat it.

What an unusual choice to make

We’re an odd country


what choice would you make you prick


Hold on what’s a Boost Duo? Have they chopped them in half like a Bounty? Or made them 2 thin ones like a Twix?

Boosts are shit


The former

You’re shit

I’d choose to live my life with better manners


That’s obviously a given. Doesn’t take away from the fact boosts are shit tho

I actually think you’re a really nice man, I’m sorry, I just really like boosts

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I don’t like them melty, and for that reason, ahm oot

You obviously don’t know me that well.

Boosts are fine really. No more than fine though

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Haven’t eaten ass in so long. So, so long. :pleading_face:

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Better than literally just some icing on top of a hot dog bun which is very wtf


even I’m worried about your obession with ass at this point

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We all want what we can’t have.

I’d eat the hell out of that baguette btw. Anyone saying they wouldn’t (dietary requirements or preferences aside) is a huge liar. I wouldn’t have the Boosts hanging out the ends of the baguette though, that seems foolish.

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I don’t want chocolate in bread